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  • Urinary Leg Bag Covers

    Does anyone know where I can get a pattern to make a urinary leg bag cover that would fit a Coloplast #5174 leg bag?

    Thank you.

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    You maybe could buy one and reverse engineer a pattern. Another link.
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      Hi Tina,
      What is the instance in which you want to use a leg bag cover, i.e., while you are wearing shorts or skirts, going swimming or.....? Do you want to just cover the leg bag or do you want to cover the tubing as well?

      All the best,


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        My son doesn't like to wear shorts without having a cover of some kind over the leg bag. He doesn't really care about the tubing but the bag itself. I just need a pattern that I could sew myself. It would have to fit the Coloplast leg bag number I listed above.



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          Hi Tina,
          I am GJ's wife, NL.
          GJ told me you were trying to find a pattern for a cover for the Coloplast #5174 leg bag. I sew a little and it seems to me that you could make your own pattern by tracing around the leg bag and adding 5/8 inch allowance for the seam. I took a look at this leg bag on a medical supply website and it appears that there are straps at the sides of the bag top and bottom. You would have to leave openings in the seams to allow for these straps. I would just measure where the straps would have to go through the seams, mark the areas and reinforce the stitching for strength at these four openings. Also, you will have to make an opening/flap closure in the back or side to make putting the bag into the cover and taking it out of the cover easy.
          There are some companies that make generic leg bag covers that I found on the internet. Maybe one of these covers or some of these ideas would work or could be adapted or may give you ideas on how to construct your own.

          In addition there are some leg bags that are specifically designed to be worn on the thigh under shorts.

          Hope these suggestions help,
          NL (GJ's wife and caregiver)


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            How about getting him cargo shorts and longer straps so he can where the bag on his thigh?


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              Have you tried the urocare 9016/8016 or 9010/8010 sports bags? These bags go across the top of your thigh under your shorts.There great



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                Hollister 9805 has been working fine (on the thigh) for me for the last 10 years.


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                  Are there any covers for Large Kendell Dover leg bags


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                    Originally posted by Roller For Life View Post
                    Are there any covers for Large Kendell Dover leg bags
                    It is unclear in your question what you are looking for. There are many ways that you can get or have a leg bag cover sewn.

                    You are responding a thread where the last post was in 2011.

                    Leg bag holders and leg bag covers are two very different things. Maybe you could be more specific.


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                      I think you may be overthinking this. There was a string on this very topic a few years ago. Here is that link:

                      Concept is simple. Buy some women's yoga tights (with long inseam) and simply cut the leg portions off. Get black or other dark neutral colors as they go with everything. I posted pictures on the above link.