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  • Don't be lured by low pricing

    Well i have been searching quite a few sites for disabled equipment and found a standing frame for $2275. while continuing to read i had noted some 50 other items were to be included as extras some of them are safety necessities such as staps. these should not be included as extras in the first place
    as safety cannot be compromised. Well the price added up to over $5000. I again encountered this when purchasing a wheelchair the price starting at $2000 and then add ons made it amount to $3500. Imagine buying a car for a certain price and then being told that the steriing is extra, tires are extra, seats are extra and so on. What the hell am i buying then. Are traders allowed to use this scheme. In Malta this is normal practice and i'm used to it but to find this same system in America is shocking.
    Anyway i am a T11 complete, 6ft tall, weigh 85kg and really wish to purchase a standing frame any ideas?

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    Originally posted by peterf View Post
    Anyway i am a T11 complete, 6ft tall, weigh 85kg and really wish to purchase a standing frame any ideas?
    I made one like this. I am T11 complete also.

    You put one strap behind your heals, one strap in front of your knees, and one behind your butt. I put a carabineer clip on the one that goes behind my butt so that I can get in and out by myself. I pull myself up and lean over the strap across the top, clip the strap with the carabineer clip then straighten up into a standing position. I also made a wedge to go under my toes.


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      Tks Lee
      It can easily be made from kee clamps but i have a few questions as how you can lock your knees in place, and how to cushion the straps to avoid friction on yours legs. Is 1" pipe is strong enough? maybe 1.25 inches would be stronger. Does the op strap tend to slip. How can i hold my weight using two hands on the bars and strap myself at the same time?
      Again i'm very interested so can you upload a pic of you in its so i can get a better idea of how it works and how to make one suited to my needs.

      Peter F
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        Use foam padding on the strap at your knees and the one behind your butt. You can lean over the strap across the top resting on your chest, and then you can have both hands free to strap the strap behind you. When you have the strap behind you secure, push yourself upright off the top strap. The 1” pipe seems to be strong enough. I used galvanized steel pipes.
        Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of myself in it and I haven’t assembled it yet since I moved. If I ever get around to putting it back together I will try to get a picture of me in it. It’s a little hard to tell how it works from the drawing.


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          Standing Frame

          A friend who was an automotive engineer designed and fabricated a wonderful standing frame for me at a total cost of $240 for materials. I used it several years until my doc advised me against standing as my bones were becoming weaker

          I'm sure you can find someone in Malta talented enough to accomplish the task of building you a standing frame. Good luck and happy standing.
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            You can also do a google image search to give you ideas for having one built.
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              I have had one of these for many years. If you can haul yourself up it is great. A standing frame that allows you to move under your own power. I don't think it is still being made, but you could try calling.


              It is fabricated out of one inch square steel tubing, and parts available in a good auto and hardware store. So it would be possible to build one.
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                Yea bit crude but it has function, evolv mobile is something similar