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Secondary use for cycling computer

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    Secondary use for cycling computer

    I got a spare mounting bracket for my Garmin cycling computer that i bought for my new handbike so thought Id attach to my freewheel today. I was always interested to find out how far i pushed and how quickly and it worked brilliantly!
    The Garmin unit works out speed and distance via GPS so no need for additional cables to the wheels. I'd previously used my iphone but the battery is terrible with the GPS on constantly and there was no way of safely mounting it with an external battery so i gave up on this option. The Garmin is a fantastic (but unfortunately expensive) bit of kit and fully waterproof... which i can confirm is true after being caught in a down pour today.

    If others are interested in how far they push and how quickly, without the need for any other fitments, it's perfect!

    Cheers, Stevie

    In the last pic it is just visible on the top of the Freewheel frame

    Thanks Stevie for the info. How much does the Garmin cost?