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Guidance please on the difference in tire hubs and axles

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    I solved the mystery!

    I just took the axles that came with the Spox spinergy tires out and replaced them with a flange axle that I had from a set of Sun Rims that I have on my tennis chair.

    With a small amount of nut adjustment I was able to fit them onto my TiLite.

    I appreciate the education and guidance. If I can return the favor with a computer or network related issue, please hit me up.


      I was going to suggest just that.


        You know I should always look for the easiest vs keeping the proper wheel/axle combination.

        On the topic of sharing, I purchased a "FreeWheel" at the NY/NJ Abilities Expo. Here's a picture of it:

        It allows me to get around the yard much easier. I goes on and comes off in under five seconds. It was a great investment for under $500

        You can see it in action at the following URL: