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I'm Experiencing Crazy Caster Flutter!!!

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    Originally posted by TheAbleChef View Post
    There is definitely movement in the wheel but not much. When I grab the wheel I can feel movement when I move it up and down. Where are the spacers located? I have feeling these guys don't have a clue as to set up Frog Legs before. I am NEVER going back to these guys to have wheelchair repairs.

    The spacers I'm thinking about live between the bearings in the center of the hub. There should be one on each side, which help stabilize the axle as it passed through the empty space between the 2 bearings.
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      Originally posted by Donno View Post
      Chef, can you take a couple of good close-up photos of the wheel & fork and post it?
      No problem I've been thinking about doing that. Where's the emoticon with the guy slapping himself on the forehead?
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        Call frog legs, they can install different bearings which will help control caster flutter, if the chair is a ti-lite they will install some spacer on the bearing that ti-lite doesnt let them put on, or so the guy at frog legs told me. I had the heavy duty bearings installed, it helped a little with the flutter.


          So i went back to the shop to have them fix it...again. They did fix the flutter but now the fork is too tight. It's not easy to turn and i feel like I'm being pulled when turning. The tech said that he could only leave it the way it was before or have tight. I didn't believe but i was with a friend and didn't want to argue. The owner came over after i asked how the bearing was messed up on the wheel and he said it was installed incorrectly but failed to apologize as it was their store who installed them. I'm thinking about adjusting them myself.

          The tech said he had to take off the elastomer and tightened a bolt or nut underneath.
          Is this correct? Can i do myself?
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