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    Replace handrims

    Hi I have a set of spinergy flex rims and the rubber on one is slpit and about to depart the wheel. My Question is how tricky is it to remove the flex rim and just mount some stock Spinergy long tabs? Is this even possible i'm not sure anyone ever tried anything like this?

    Is it just a case of drilling the holes and how are they fixed to the rim?

    Cheers in advance i'm trying to decide if i should order some new wheels or maybe i can convert these as they are only 2-3 yrs old

    Steve C

    Shoud not be difficult at all and is a great way to recycle the fantastic wheel.
    You can try to fix the rubber with sugru. It works!

    But if it is gone too far... Year, maybe just use the wheel and dump the rubber and rim.
    You can just use a knife to detach.... Easy


      No trouble at all. Take off the tires and rim protecter. Take off the bolts that hold the pushrims, put on the new ones etc. No drilling necessary


        I don't think flexrim's are attached with bolts, hence the question. I know its not a wheel or pushrim that you can buy alone, the only option is the wheel with attached pushrim. And what I've read, the rubber is just connected directly to the wheel.
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          Thanks Lin, I should have checked them out first.