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    New Manual Wheelchair Ideas Please


    I am an 4 year post, incomplete, t2-t7 and I am currently in a power wheelchair and since I am only 49 years (now that I typed my age, I am not that young!) and I need some directive with finding a new manual chair that doesn't have a lot of drama transferring to and from. What I mean by that, the manual chair I had when I suffered my infarction, I had to manually take off both foot pedals and one of the arm rests.

    Can anyone help me?

    Thanks in advance,


    What was your previous chair? Sounds like you had a totally wrong chair. You should be in a rigid chair, without removable legs or armrests.

    What about a TiLite ZR, ZRA, or TR; or a TopEnd Crossfire, to name a couple. Search the archives for some examples of other members chairs. You can even google, bing, whatever., the chair names using the picture links to find some examples.

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      Of those mentioned by Brian (all good chairs), since you were in a chair that didn't meet your needs before, I would suggest going with an adjustable chair this time such at the TiLite ZRa or the Aero Z (The aluminum version of the ZRa). This way you will still have adjustability of the rear seat height, minimal front seat height adjustability, COG (Center of Gravity), back rest angle and height are adjustable, footrest height, etc. Once you get this chair dialed in to the settings you like over the next year or so, you will be more comfortable ordering chairs such as the TiLite ZR or TR which do not have nearly as much adjustability.
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        Sounds like what you had was a Medicare HCPCS K0004. Consider a K0005 or K0009.

        Here's a list of some 5s & 9s I put together for myself last year. Other good manufacturers exist as well. (I was considering only manufacturers who had VA contracts.) Those listed are all rigid because that's what I wanted. Folding models are also available.

        Manufacturer websites:
        AIR (aka Flight)
        Invacare (aka Top End)
        Sunrise (aka Quickie)


        they're are more, too

        K0004 = hospital-grade chair intended for temporary use or transporting patients around by assistant within a healthcare environment, typically made of steel and available in only standard sizes with very few, if any, adjustments.

        K0005 = the first level of custom fitted chair intended for permanent use, typically made of aluminum, personally fitted to the user's needs, with considerable available adjustments (if desired). Typically paid for by Medicare and standard insurance policies for permanent users.

        K0009 = the ultimate level of custom fitted chair intended for permanent use, potentially very light, typically made of titanium or magnesium, personally fitted to the user's needs, with considerable available adjustments (if desired). Typically not paid for by Medicare and standard insurance policies except after special consideration and approval by committee. Often is paid for by premium insurance policies.
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          If you need to get close to transfer you may want to consider one of the Tilite chairs with the flip up footrest which may help you get closer for some transfers. The Tilite Aero R is a light, rigid chair which provides the option of removable footrests if this may help you get closer for transfers. You mentioned not liking the hassles of removing footrests before, all the ultralight rigid chairs offer 85 degree front ends which brings the frame in close for transfers.