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15x16 85 Degree TiLite ZRA S2 with Flip Up Footplates (DU100082)

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  • 15x16 85 Degree TiLite ZRA S2 with Flip Up Footplates (DU100082)

    This is the inaugural post for the CareCure CAD repository. It is a 15x16 ZRA S2 with DU100082 which is a special to build the chair with a custom crosstube connecting the front frame so that individual flip up footplates could be used.

    The Specs...

    TiLite ZRA Series 2
    Red Pepper Anodize Package
    15" Seat Width
    16" Seat Depth
    16.5" Front Seat Height
    14.5" Rear Seat Height
    85 Degree Front Angle
    13.5" Seat To Footrest
    DU100082 Special To Build With Extra Cross Tube To Use Flip Up Footrests
    No Taper Footrest
    12.5" Footrest Width
    No V-Front Taper
    14.5"-19" Folding Adj-Ht Back
    18" Seat Back Height
    92 Degree Seat Back Angle
    2" Center Of Gravity
    0 Degree Camber
    4"X1.5" Plastic W/Poly Casters
    Standard Fork w/ Titanium Stems
    24" Spinergy Flexrims w/ Solid Tires
    Uni-Lock Set @ Push To Lock
    Rigid Removable Small Carbon Fiber Side Guards
    Swing Away Arm 9"-12"
    Invacare/Motion Concepts MaTRx Elite Deep Back
    Ride Forward Cushion

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    As most of you know, this chair looks unlike any rigid frame I have posted previously. It was spec'd for a female veteran with significant ataxia (tremors) in her trunk and extremities who was the mother of a young child.

    The objectives of this chair were as follows.
    Allow her to self-propel as efficiently as possible with her upper extremities.
    Allow her to foot propel for limited distances in her home while carrying her child on her lap.
    Allow her to be able to bend over in the chair without tipping forward (good static vertical stability).
    Prevent any rearward tips during self-propulsion due to dysmetria during her push stroke or when performing sit <-> stand transfers (good static rearward stability).
    Provide good trunk control/stability while sitting.
    Titanium rigid frames are always somewhat stressful to spec, and there were several things about this chair that were outside my comfort zone that made it even more stressful.
    Her dimensions were much more petite than the typical adult male veteran I see.
    The neurological manifestations of her condition were somewhat different than the "typical" SCI.
    How she would be using the chair was very different.
    STF heights had to be perfect in order to foot propel and the DU required me to spec the exact placement and angle of the crosstube to make this possible and use the catch all (The CAD for the chair even notes that the footrest would have no upward or downward adjustability!)
    This was the first time I have used the MaTRx Elite Deep Back. As you can see it provides a significant amount of support. In most cases, I would consider it to have too much contour for the veterans I see who use rigid frame ultralights. In her case, however, it functioned exactly as I had hoped. She was able to sit with enough trunk stability to self-propel the ZRA S2 better than any previous loaner/demo chair she's trialed. Having good trunk stability also optimizes her upper extremity function and keeps her stable during foot propulsion.

    The catch all required significant modification to attach to the frame with the custom cross tube. While it looks odd, she is able to carry small items beneath the seat and can access them from the side by reaching through the spokes of the Spinergy LX wheels.

    It is unfortunate that the extent of her neurological dysfunction means this young veteran/mother will have to rely on others for help for the rest of her life. I'd like to think that this unique chair will still make a difference in her quality of life by allowing her to do a little bit more on her own, make it easier to interact with her young child, and do so with a little more comfort than would otherwise be the case.
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      Awesome SCI. Am sending this to a guy I know who uses one leg to propel himself.

      It'll make a big difference in her life, Congrats.