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    17x16, 85° TiLite Aero Z, Series 2 ~ Two CADs

    The first CAD shows no DU modification (Aero Z, S2 with titanium flip-back footrest) and the second shows DU mod 100082 (custom rigidizer bar welded between the front frame tubes; hanging leg rests).

    Chair Specs ~

    • Seat Width: 17”
    • Seat Depth: 16”
    • Frame Depth same as Seat Depth
    • Front Seat to Floor: 16”
    • Rear Seat to Floor: 14.5”
    • Front Angle: 85°
    • Front Seat Width: 3.5” Standard Taper (Standard, non-V Front End)
    • Seat to Footrest: 14”
    • Titanium Flip-Back Footrest
    • Footrest Width: 11”
    • Folding & Locking Adjustable Back w/ 4” Deep Rigidizer Bar
    • Seat Back Height: Medium (12”–16.5”), set at 12.5”
    • No Push Handles, No Armrests
    • Seat Back Angle: 95°
    • COG: 2.5”
    • Rear Wheel Spacing: .75”
    • Camber: 4°
    • Front Wheels: 4” x .75” plastic wheel w/ poly tire
    • Fork Stem: TiLite Standard Fork
    • Rear Wheels & Tires: 24” Spinergy 30 Spoke Wire Wheel w/ Low Flange Hub; Primo tires
    • Axels: Stainless Quick Release
    • Pushrim: Aluminum - Silver Anodized, Long Tabs
    • Wheel Locks: Standard Push-to-Lock (will replace with Quickie Scissor Locks)
    • Side Guards: Aluminum, Rigid Removable - Adult / Standard size
    • Back Upholstery: Velcro Adjustable
    • Seat Upholstery: Tension Adjustable Bolt On

    The Schulte Dimension (see SCI-OTR's thread of 7/16/11 for an explanation) for CAD 1 is 21.8" and CAD 2 is 24.7".

    My Specs ~ 67”, 140#, left hemiplegia due to TBI (I use my less affected right arm and leg to self-propel, hence the low front STF and need for the flip-back footrest).
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        Originally posted by Jonna View Post
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        Any pictures?
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          nice design, but adding adjustable foot rest would be great..


            does quickie have a cad drawing for thier chairs? I asked my DME for one on my new chair to sign off on it and they said they don't get one!


              If I my interject, please only post to this thread with your actual CAD and chair info. This thread is kept as a sticky for a reference tool. If one has questions, start a new thread and if need be link to this thread in the new post.

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                Oracing Extreme Box spec's and CAD's

                I sent this as my order form.

                - polished aluminum frame with adjustable height footrest
                - aluminum-framed carbon fiber sideguards bolted to tabs on frame
                - build chair using 25" (559) rear wheels with RightRun or equivalent size tire NOTE: wheels are not included w/ chair, customer is using his own Spinergy LX
                - D's Locks with lock-actuating lever positioned under left-hand-side frame rail at front of seat pan
                - D's Locks - install locking pistons utilizing threads on piston (ie. thread the wheelchair frame to accept the threads of the pistons and install w/ lock nut - please do not weld threaded portion. This will allow for adjustability should I want to change wheels) - see attached photo
                - D's Locks - please include locking hubs with chair, and if possible paint or anodize them black to match a different set of wheels I have
                - 4" x 1.4" soft-roll casters on uni-tine forks - please build chair (set FSH) with casters positioned in upper hole of forks
                - caster and fork color - black forks w/ plain aluminum casters and black tires
                - 2 cm rear wheel spacing (from outside of frame to inside of tire at top of wheel)
                - 40 cm frame width (outside dimension of frame rails)
                - 43 cm frame depth (dimension from front of backrest post to start of bend tangent)
                - 40 cm carbon fiber seat pan attached w/ machine screws to frame (40 cm seat depth +3cm before bend)
                - 15 cm ergo seat (dimension from front of backrest posts to center of ergo seat bend)
                - 90 degree front angle
                - 47 cm front seat height (FSH) dimension from floor to front of seat pan - please set this dimension with front caster wheels positioned in top hole of caster forks
                - 40 cm rear seat height (RSH) dimension from floor to seat pan at front of backrest posts
                - 7.5 cm center of gravity (dimension from front of backrest post to center of rear axle)
                - 35 cm backrest post height (measured from RSH to top of backrest posts, I understand the backrest upholstery will add extra height)
                - arced/angled backrest bar (see attached photo for shape, not exact, just to show arc)
                - 28 cm backrest bar height (measured from RSH to center of welded backrest bar)
                - 10 cm backrest to inside of backrest bar at center of backrest bar (at the middle of the arc) - welded at approx. 30 degrees above horizontal
                - 24 cm front front of footrest to front of calf bar
                - 24 cm calf bar width
                - 93 degree backrest angle (3 degrees reclined)
                - 29 cm inside dimension of frame at footrest attach point (bottom of frame) - "V" front end, no knee reduction at FSH
                - 22 cm footrest width
                - 14 cm footrest depth
                - 2 cm footrest inclination (difference between front and rear of footrest - front to be taller)
                - 6 cm footrest height (from floor to top of footrest at rear)
                - 2 degree rear wheel camber
                - embroidered Oracing logo on backrest upholstery to be black thread on black upholstery. Black on Black, I like to show the name but not bright colors
                - black Oracing logo decals on carbon fiber sideguards
                - please do not install or drill holes for carbon fiber footplate. I may or may not install it, but please include it (w/ screws) with the chair.


                  You forget post the result

                  Begins to take money in your piggy bank because i`ve got desing of a new box frame finish and i assure you will like it
                  But i`m really in love with mine, so i`m not hurry to change, in reality i don`t want to change but ... maybe this summer i will go to Oracing factory for do the first one.
                  btw nothing to be with the xtr box


                    Originally posted by chasmengr View Post

                    NOTE: Chair as pictured has non-factory options: chrome & stainless fasteners, bicycle lights, cafeteria tray under seat, brass side-guard shims.


                    I especially love the adjustability, Natural Fits, flip-back footrest, D's Locks, Schwalbe MPE tires, and the general fit and trim of the chair. I chose an aluminum chair because weight is not an issue for me.

                    TiLite Aero Z Series 1 (SN 55250)
                    Colors = midnight blue pearl frame, sapphire anodized package, and navy blue upholstery
                    Reinforced frame
                    17” Seat Width (no taper)
                    16” Seat Depth
                    Aluminum Seat Pan
                    17.5” Front Seat Height
                    15” Rear Seat Height (adjusted to 14")
                    80 Degree Front Angle
                    15.5” Seat to Footrest (adjusted to 15")
                    Flip-Back Footrest
                    11” Footrest Width (Standard Front End with 3.5” taper)
                    Folding, adjustable height (14”), adjustable-angle (92 deg), lock-when-folded, aluminum seat back with 4”-deep rigidizer bar
                    velcro adjustable backrest upholstery.
                    3” Center of Gravity
                    4 Degrees of Camber
                    6x1.25 TiLite Billet Soft-Roll Caster
                    Standard Fork and stems
                    24” standard Spinergy wire wheel.
                    (D's Locks)
                    Fold-down, rigid, aluminum standard side guards
                    Schwalbe Marathon Plus Evolution tires (switched out solids, which had poor road traction and tore up my gloves)
                    Natural-Fit Super Grip Hand-rim
                    User-friendly anti-tips
                    Small Seat Pouch
                    Invacare InTouch Stabilite Gentle Contour cushion (not shown)
                    Rear-wheel spacing = 3/4” (adjusted to 3/8")
                    weight from bathroom scale (as pictured) = 37.5#
                    My specs: 68", 200#, MS with C7 & T7 lesions incomplete

                    Discussion Link
                    The integrated push handle is too high and the looks is not smart, is there any alternative for integrated push handles?
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                      Originally posted by SCI_OTR View Post
                      Until Picasso's thread a couple of years ago, I didn't know this was even an option on ZR models because it was not in TiLite's Designs Unlimited .pdf.

                      Uni-Lock Set @ Push To Lock

                      More Discussion Here
                      I`m a bit confused, i`m going to order a zra and is for a quad, that brakes are uni-lock? if i can see one each side, i thought you only have one brake level that you lock the two wheels, something like Pantheras.
                      What is the best Tilite brakes for a quad that dosen`t be in the way for do transfers?
                      I think the brakes of the pic are ok.


                        My new chair, thanks to all who helped me, and thanks for all the ideas I took from your designs

                        This is the first ergo Lasher ordered, built.


                          Originally posted by OopyDoopy View Post
                          This is the first ergo Lasher ordered, built.

                          I have seen it in Lasher facebook, i`m too old for a yellow chair but is cool

                          Tell us what do you think about ergo seat and your sensations...

                          Just one question, looks like you are thinking in using a solid seat pan, if not, i don`t understand why the straight tube under your cloth uphostery seat.
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                            16 x 16 +1 85º TILITE ZR

                            Sorry, attachments failed - way too large.
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                              Originally posted by SCI_OTR View Post
                              The first ZR2 I have spec'd...

                              The Specs:

                              - 18" Seat Width
                              - 16" Seat Depth
                              - 17" Custom Frame Depth
                              - 85 Degree Front Angle
                              - 19.5" F / 16.5" R STF Heights
                              - 16.5" Seat-To-Footrest
                              - 3.5" Tapered Front Frame
                              - 12" Footrest Width
                              - Tubular Footrest W/Flat Abs Cover
                              - Folding Titanium Backrest
                              - Titanium Release Bar
                              - Ti 12"-16.5" Folding Adj-Ht Back Set @ 12"
                              - 95 Deg. Back Angle
                              - 3.25" Center Of Gravity
                              - 1" Rear Wheel Spacing
                              - 2 Deg Camber
                              - 25" Spinergy Spox w/ Schwalbe Marathon Evos
                              - NaturalFit Standard Grip
                              - Tension Adjustable By Straps Seat & Back Upholstery
                              - Rigid Removable Carbon Fiber Side Guards--Standard Size


                              - 4" X 1.5" Frog Legs Aluminum Hub Soft Roll Casters
                              - Frog Legs Wide Axle Kit
                              - Quickie Ergo Scissor Locks

                              Nice to see the 3 hole bearing fork instead of the 2 hole short
                              bearing fork.
                              I know we are trying to keep this focused so please forgive me for asking this question here and if it needs to be moved to another thread I understand. I love those wheels, rims, and hand rims. I currently have Spinergy Spox with Aluminum hand rims and high pressure tires. What is the benefit of the carbon fiber handrims and the different wheels compared to mine. Same 25".
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                                16 x 16 +1 85º TILITE ZR

                                TILITE ZR
                                SATIN FINISH, BLACK ANODIZED PARTS
                                16" WIDE X 16" DEEP
                                NO TAPER IN SEAT
                                +1" FRAME DEPTH, NCO
                                85º FRAME
                                SEAT HGT 19” FRONT, 16.5" REAR
                                TITANIUM FOOTPLATE W/ FLAT ABS COVER
                                SEAT TO FOOTPLATE 16.5"
                                "V" STYLE FRONT END, 11" WIDE
                                TITANIUM FOLDING BACK, ADJ. HGT & ANGLE, LOCKING BACK
                                BACK HGT 12”–16.5", SET @ 14"
                                BACK ANGLE SET @ 92º
                                CARBON FIBER BACK RELEASE BAR, 4" RIGIDIZER BAR
                                CENTER OF GRAVITY 3.25"
                                1" REAR WHEEL SPACING
                                0º CAMBER
                                CARBON FIBER CAMBER TUBE
                                SLIPSTREAM FORKS, TITANIUM STEM BOLTS
                                5”X1.5" PLASTIC/POLY WHEELS – UPGRADED TO 5 X 1.4 R6 BRG FLAHSRs
                                25" ORANGE SPOKE SPINERGY LX REAR WHEELS, BLACK HUBS
                                STAINLESS STEEL QUICK RELEASE AXLE
                                SCHWALBE MARATHON PLUS TIRES
                                SURGE LT HANDRIMS, SHORT TABS
                                COMPOSITE SCISSOR WHEEL LOCKS
                                SIDE GUARDS – NONE
                                G10 SOLID SEAT PAN

                                User Spec’s: 6’2”, 175#, advancing CIDP (no SCI), strong trunk, limited walking

                                OF INTEREST:
                                FRONT CASTERS: Upgraded to 5 x 1.4 R6 FLAHSRs, available special order from Frog Legs to fit TiLite Slipstreams equipped with 1.5” axles and plastic/poly casters. Conversion requires 1 allen wrench and 2 minutes of time.

                                CAMBER CLAMP: Mounted more aft on the camber strut than usual. The center line of the camber tube runs up thru the extreme aft portion of the strut rather than thru the center, per the CAD.

                                SURGE LTs: A good wrap for 8” (base of palm to middle finger tip) average-sized hands. The short tabs work well. The upper and lower thumb flank rests close against the tire sidewall for more grip when needed, the narrow rim-to-tire gap is totally thumb-friendly.

                                BOTTOM LINE: The chair fits fingertips to axle, foot to footrest (well, maybe up ½”). NO WAY could I have accurately spec’d my ZR without the CC forum and “Repository”. I thank all who regularly post, epecially those who collectively asked all the ‘dumb’ questions I would have had to ask, had you not … if that makes any sense. ;¬)

                                DISCUSSION LINK:/forum/showthread.php?p=1534978#post1534978

                                Sorry for the giant pics
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