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    Hand controls

    Hi, I need help! I been searching for hand controls and I need alot of advise, I want to get something that can be easily install and since I'm not planning to do alot of driving can be take out at any time for someone else to drive.I'm thinking about getting some portable hand controls but I'm not sure if someone can give some advise or refer me to a place, anything can be really helpfull.Thanks in advance

    Hand controls do not need to be removed for a car to be driven normally using the pedals. The h/c mount high up on the arms of the pedals so that they are out of the way for feet to still fit on them.

    Almost all h/c mount very similarly, so how hard they are to mount is driven by the vehicle you install in. Things like the steering column cover and lower dash cover may need to be modified to get the needed clearance.

    I would go with "permanent" controls vs. portable, unless you plan on driving different vehicles at the same time.
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      I had hand controls in my car that were 'pull down to drive push back to stop' and you could drive the car normally too and keep the hand controls installed.
      I recently got a mini van and I now have hand controls that work like a motorcycle acceleration...'turn toward you to go and push back to stop'. Again, it drives normally as well with hand controls installed. The legs/under steering column airbag in the minivan had to be removed to make room for the hand controls.
      Having had both types of hand controls, I would recommend the ones that operate like a motorcycle because its less effort on your arm in terms of keeping pressure on the handle to go. The motorcycle-like one is more using your wrist. I guess it depends on which is easier for you...using your wrist more or your arm. I have good use of both wrist and arm and I find the wrist one is less effort.

      Hope the above makes sense to you.