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    Lumex Shower Bench

    I am in the market for a new shower bench/commode chair. I have never used anything but the one made by guardian

    I was thinking about trying the Lumex brand with the flip up arm rest like the one in the attached picture. I was wondering if anyone out there use one of these? Does the swing away arm rest get in the way of your transfer etc.

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    I don't have a shower/commode bench, but I do have a shower/commode chair (with wheels) and a swing away armrest. In my chair, the armrest lifts up and behind the chair and it does not get in the way of transfers. Even if the arm swing out, I don't think it would get in the way of transfers, unless the configuration of your tub/shower would limit the swing in some way.

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      I have and use that model, and the fold down armrest doesn't get in the way of transfers. It actually swings up and far out of the way.

      Just be careful: There's a plastic clip that the armrest clips into in the down position, and you can catch your butt on it during transfers. I first solved this by putting a rolled or folded towel in the space between the two cushions but now that I transfer the other direction and flipped the seat (different bathroom), the clip isn't there at all, so it's not an issue.