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    I like the wanchik writer. It works well for me. There are many sites selling them, this is just one to show you a picture.

    "Blessed are the pessimists, for they hath made backups." Exasperated 20:12


      Thanks, all. Rhino, it does take patience, but then sometimes you get lost in what you're working on and lose all sense of time.

      I agree with the notion that the fewer adaptive devices you rely on, the better. Even if you prefer writing/drawing with a splint like the Wanchik, it's still a good idea to learn to do so legibly with nothing but a pen/pencil. You never know when you might need to write or sign something and not have your splint with you.


        Scorpion Hi

        I truly love art I used to love doing custom paintjobs , flames and hand pinstriping etc..
        Maybe because of my love for motorcycles / hotrods who knows

        I have my sets of airbrushes / paint guns , hvlp ones too I liked binks #7 still one of my all time favs and tools like that but it has been 4 year's since I custom painted or done any real customizing to any hotrods since I had my upper neck surgery it is hard on my head .

        I think back to when I was a youngn and my family owned bodyshops that is where I learned how to use whip letter , pinstripe brushes etc... It kind of came with the family lol
        Most all of my life i've painted everything from airplanes to cars , motorcycles , Family autobody business etc... Dulux , Imron , BASF , Deltron ppg , sherwin williams and then the basecoat clear coar stuff lol

        Time flies but I think the older we get the wiser we get and our experience pays off

        I dont use adaptive devices at all
        My life is a funny one I believe in doing what ever I want my way .

        Now my goal to pass down is I sometimes teach younger people how to do custom body work and fancy paintjobs etc...
        I like to push myself to a mental challenge and just do what we say down here Get er Dun lol

        Art is so much fun
        Youre very talented .

        now I sometimes teach younger people how to do custom body work and fancy paintjobs etc...


          Thanks, GL!

          That's really cool. I love cars and always thought it'd be cool to do custom paint and stuff. My Dad did a little pin striping back in the early 60s and painted fames on his motorcycle gas tank. I have great respect for those who can do good pin stripes and flames. I rarely see GOOD flame jobs on cars driving around today. When I do see flames, they're so poorly designed and painted.

          You really should pass on your knowledge/gift!


            Sharpie retractable pens. I use these at work, to sign checks...all my writing. Retractable so you don't have to wrestle off or lose the lid. I just press up on my chin to click it open. At first, I used rubber grippers to hold, much like Scorpion's pics. After a while, you get used to it andd lose much of the adaptive OT tools. I started w/ fine point, now I use ultra fine since my fine motor skills have strengthened.


              I use roller ball pens and use no adaptions. It may take time to get settled in, especially if his injury is very recent. Not all roller ball pens are the same, some still require pressure others don't and some will keep writing well if the pen is angled; I also find that after some time a pen simply needs switched out to a new one, even if it has plenty of ink left. Currently I am using some BIC roller balls that are working well, Pilot has worked well also. Look for pens with a built on rubber grip, this may help.
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                Scorpion, those are just incredible!

                I struggle with weighing the quest for independence against immediate needs for productivity. It is a frequent battle with caregivers: "doing that myself is just not my priority right now; I have to be done [with the real thing I need to get to] in an hour." This thread is shifting the balance a bit as I see all that you others accomplish. But how do you find all the time and focus and energy to get it done? I was thinking I might just get a signature stamp and get on with things. In my troubling usual way, I will copy this link somewhere and try to remember I have to get back to it sometime. (Please just ignore this moment of self castigation and don't perceive a request for psychoanalysis.)