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    I am having major cushion trouble utis and thrush from my Synergy structure 2 government funded piece of sh=t and i have demoed(for a week) the Invacare Infinity Cushion same problem.

    My chairs are set up for 3" profile cushion i had an air cushion for years it was great but they where insisted that I have one of these.

    Im going to have to buy my own cushion but I can't afford it but can't afford doctors fees and cant afford the health dramas ethier(i have one 3" cushion)

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    I use a Jay Deep Contour cushion, which does not require any upkeep and it has done a good job for me.


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      I use a high profile Roho. They have worked well for me, but I know others here have found fault with them

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        I like my Nexus Varilite cushion. Two serperate air chambers in the back for adjust obliquity and sitting straighter with a contoured foam front part for leg stavility and easier transfers. Used hard green memory foam for 34 years. Still use it on my handcycle and other chair.


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          Roho now makes a 3" cushion, not just a 2 or 4 inch model, still expensive though. I have one for my motorhome drivers seat, works well and not as much shifting motion when taking corners. Otherwise I am always on a Roho 4" Quadtro.
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            Found my varilite stratus cushion(managed to pump it up :yay NEED to self fund a Varilite Rigidiser. theres a two inch between the chair it was scripted for and this chair


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              Get a seating evaluation to determine the right cushion for you. That's the best way to do it. It's all very dependent on how well you sit and what adjustments you might need.
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                comments about Varilite Rigidisers

                Are they worth the money?