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TiLite ZRa S2 - All things Back Rest Related

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    TiLite ZRa S2 - All things Back Rest Related

    Sorry bit of a mega post!

    There has bee a fair bit of discussion around the hinge and back rest locking arrangement on the ZRA Series 2. Mine kept coming apart ans many others were concerned about the "loose" or "sloppy" when it was locked in the upright position. SCI-OTR has made some very good posts with pictures of the new and newer hinge mechanism which I used to shake up my supplier here in the UK, As a result I was told they were on test in the US and when the first set gets to the UK in December I'll have them fitted at no cost.
    I thought I'd start a new thread with this into and a copy of the 2 month saga of my back rest summarized below.

    FuenteJps I know has also posted a fair bit about the back rest. Anyway here's what has gone before up to today -


    Quote:Originally Posted by Edinburgh Colin
    I've had my ZRA S2 for 3 weeks and the left hand attachment bracket for the back locking bar has already come loose. The pin has worked it's way out, only needs driven back in but my UK supplier here says TiLite want to replace the entire bar and 2 bracket assembly.
    An admission of a problem or just quick good reaction to replace a potential defect on a "new" model?
    Personally I would have just driven the pin in again and made sure it was secure but it's new so let them deal with it.

    TiLite Comment

    This problem has been noted and thus we want to replace the defective part(s). One issue with driving "the pin in again" is it is originally press fit and replacing it or driving it back in doesn't securely fasten it.

    By replacing the entire system, we have modified the pivot and staked it at each end. This creates a mushroom effect which prevents the pivot from backing out.


    Thanks, you guys already have this in hand via my UK vendor and my post was really one of gratitude at what I considered very good quality follow up, especially now I know your reason. Even more appreciated as I'm over the water and probably not in your main market.
    Thanks for the information.


    Update to the folding back bar replacement.
    The engineer from my chair supply company came out yesterday to fit the replacement locking mechanisms that were defective due to the pin coming loose.
    He took the upholstery off, release bar, hinge pins out, the old locking mechanism from the back upright tube, opened the bag of new parts and went to insert it into the tube and hey presto - did not fit! about 0.5 to 1mm to large in diameter.

    Now how weird is that, a known defect on a new design, parts supplied by TiLite as they wanted to replace them and they are the wrong size, and not major wrong but minutely wrong, almost seems impossible that there can be 2 parts the same but minutely different!

    How is this possible? same question the pissed off engineer said as he looked at them.

    So after waiting nearly 3 1/2 weeks for the repair, now the parts have to go back to TiLite and new ones issued .

    I only got to use the chair for about 2 weeks before it became an expensive ornament.

    All this time I'm zipping around on my Quickie Argon (which cost 1/2 as much) which was new to me about 3 months ago and is starting to feel very familiar now and I wanted the TiLite to be the main chair with the Quickie as back up.

    Like I said it's a weird situation. Keep you posted as it develops.


    Now my back is floppy!
    finally got the new parts on Friday and the chair is back in action again. Now I seem to have the "floppy back" issue mentioned on other ZRa S2 threads which I did not have before the installation of the replacement parts as far as I can remember,
    All fasteners are tight but there is a significant rock back and forth in the back rest!

    What was the outcome from Ti on this, can anyone tell me?

    I'll do some trawling of the other threads and see where it went on there.


    It's off again !!!
    Replacement hinge bracket #2 which was just fitted has come apart!!!
    Same thing the pin has worked it's way out and the ally plate is swinging in the breeze.
    Only difference is it's on the other side this time.

    I really wish TiLite would show up again as I'd like to hear an explanation for this one after waiting for their replacements twice and I'm no better off.

    Unfortunately this is souring my whole opinion of TiLite, all over a stupid pin.
    My ass is back in the Argon and I'm inclined to stay here.

    I wonder if I can give it back and get a Helium (Q7) instead or a Quickie Ti?

    Today 3-11-10

    Back Bracket Agin #3
    Just had the third back latch bracket fitted and hopefully the pin will stay in this time!
    On the back hinge mechanism redesign, according to the supplier today, TiLite are redesigning the whole mechanism and it's on trial at present. If all is well then I'm assured the first replacement fittings supplied to the UK will come to me hopefully in December.

    I hope so.

    Be nice to hear something from you Mr TiLite, I know you were on the road but you should be back now!

    I'm new to the whole sci and i just received my zra s2 last week. This is my first chair and I have the exact same issue that you have described. I am taking it back to the vendor this week. Hopefully this can be resolved quickly.


      Unbelievable - bracket #3 is defective as well

      New brackets fitted on Wednesday morning, First time the back has been folded was today when I was out in the car, when I came back and was unloading the chair I looked at the bracket and the pin is out again!



        dude, call tilite. somethjing isnt right w/ that i havent been running my new chair much to know how the new back hardwasre will hold up rep
        c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
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          Time for a recall by Tilite. This is total BS. I have lost faith in their product and doubt I will ever buy another Ti.


            The word on the street is a complete redesign is underway. I doubt they will get it wrong twice.
            "I have great faith in fools; self-confidence my friends call it." - Edgar Allen Poe

            "If you only know your side of an issue, you know nothing." -John Stuart Mill, On Liberty


              lucky me the TR dont have such problem as it looks troublesome, and more troublesome to the overseas owners...

              thats why when company, even the established one produce a new product, they say, doesnt mean it's good.

              for tilite : is it possible to order the series 2 zr with the old backrest hinge?kinda makes things a lot easier...
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                Originally posted by nia adha View Post
                for tilite : is it possible to order the series 2 zr with the old backrest hinge?kinda makes things a lot easier...

                I can see your point but, unfortunately, no, the backrests aren't interchangeable. The Series 1 ZR/ZRA is still available or a fixed backrest eludes the problem as well.


                I've sent you a private message to get some more info and see if i can help.

                TiLite. The Ultimate Ride.


                  Ti, I've sent you a PM with more details. Lets see how we go, hope I'm not the only problem out here and there is a solution readily available.


                    Any luck with the back situation? I took my 2 week old zra s2 with the floppy backrest back to my vendor the other day. He said he would call tilite and find out more info on the problem. I'm still waiting, with a brand new chair that has a floppy backrest, slightly disappointing.


                      if a brand new car had this issue with the driver seat there would be a class action lawsuit.


                        Just installed my new hardware last night. Seems to be fine, no play in backrest.


                          Good news Skogy,
                          I've had a couple of messages from TiLite and their person who handles the UK is supposedly monitoring my case so hopefully I'll get the new bits soon and then, if you'll excuse the pun, I can put this whole episode behind me.


                            Originally posted by Edinburgh Colin View Post
                            Good news Skogy,
                            I've had a couple of messages from TiLite and their person who handles the UK is supposedly monitoring my case so hopefully I'll get the new bits soon and then, if you'll excuse the pun, I can put this whole episode behind me.
                            I hope to see you get this behind you, too. I can't believe those pins are coming out on yours like that. Mine seem secure, will monitor them for a few weeks and let you know if I have any problems.

                            I do have to say I have had good communication with TiLite regarding any issues I have had.


                              A friend of mine has received the new hardware and the problem was solved.