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Handcycle fitting, power position

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    Handcycle fitting, power position

    I am using my handcycle to commute regularly, i am having fun. It came to my attention that I did not change anything on the handcycle from the previous owner who was 5"7 and i am around 5"11".

    New question : how can I fit myself to the handcycle? I am use to the 20 30 degree rule in road bikes, how is it different in a handcycle? I can see that my hand is not fully extended. My muscles, I feel, stiff after these rides.

    Also, it is a freedomryder. I hope it is easy to adjust.

    I appreciate any help.


    There should be a slight bend in the elbow in the forward position. Move the frame to the nearest hole and if too long; use spacers, rubber grommets or whatever behind the back to fine tune. Not sure if your twistshift has vertical adjustments, I don't think it does. Where do you feel stiff? Elbows usually mean that you are overextendng. Outside of wrists cranks too wide etc. What size are your cranks. Are they bike cranks or handcycle C's.

    Being of the non-injured, you could adjust many ways to fit you.
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      my instructions for the LC-1 say slight bend in elbows with cranks fully forward and as low as you can get them for max power.