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    I have a patient who is currently relying on his parents to complete his bowel program for him. We are trying to introduce him to the dilstick but his parents are reluctant. Is there any website or reference we can print out or refer them to online for futher reading to give them a better understanding of the product and program to ease their minds?

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    This is from Shepherd Center Learning Connections. It seems to be a good reference. You might find some other references if you Google search "bowel program" "dil stick."

    A lesson on how the program is done:!OpenDocument

    How to fabricate a Dil Splint:

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      Welcome SCItherapist,

      Did you, by chance, attend ACSIP last week?


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        What level of injury?

        Does he currently use a suppository? Has a suppository inserter also been discussed?

        I assume he has an UMN bowel and currently does dig stim as part of his regular program?

        What is their specific objection to him being more independent or to him using a device??

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