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mounting anti-tips

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    mounting anti-tips

    Let me preface this by saying I'd love to ditch the tippers, but I don't feel like it would be safe for me. I don't really have the balance to hold myself in a wheelie. I'd love to not need them but for now I do.

    Anyway, I got a chair on ebay that I am thrilled with, but it lacks a few things I need to use it, including tippers. I'm looking for ideas of how to mount my old tippers to this chair (Crossfire Titanium). The mounts from my current chair (AeroZ) won't work because of the different design of the camber tube clamps. Has anyone done this, or do you have idea of how I could get them on there without buying new ones? There has to be a way to DIY this.

    Make sure the wheels of the anti tips end up a few inches outside the circumference of the tire or you will just be delaying the inevitable back crash.

    The wheelchair companies do not manufacture the anti tips. If the ones you have are not long enough, consider contacting a metal shop to get thicker wall. 0.75 inches outer diameter.

    If you get them custom made, forget about the ball pin. Use a bolt.