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    Best Handrim

    All- I have Natural-Fit regular grip pushrims and in reality really use the tire to push my chair with my thumb and the ball of my hand while a few of my fingers are just wrapped on the outside of the rim. Even if I try to use them I catch my fingers on those metal slots that connect them to the spinergy's.
    What’s your opinion of the best options? Most of the time my hands are black from the dirt on the tires and being in the chair for 2 years I need to move on....
    Appreciate your help.
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    Making soup out of mud

    Can´t you adjust your push rim so it´s closer to the tire? If the rim only has one position setting, you can drill an extra set of holes on the connecting fasteners yourself and remount the rim closer in to the tire. Then you won´t have the problem of getting your fingers caught between the push rim and your tires anymore. Make sure your drilling is precise though or you´ll have a wobbly rim that will drive you nuts. For great protection and grip when your cruising around, these Timberland Pro gloves absolutely rock.

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