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Wow, new chair is fast. But why?

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    Wow, new chair is fast. But why?

    My new (used) EVO is faster than my kuschall. It has 24" Sun rims w/ wire spokes (old one was 26" spox, 6 yrs old.) The new chair is smaller and lighter, and the old one had caster problems for a long time; the one chattered even before my husband screwed it up completely. I went flying down my front ramp and went WHOA! A few days ago at petsmart, I thought the same thing.I wonder if my old chair needed new bearings, was just so much larger and heavier, or what? I'd like to know what causes it so I can keep it that way! I expected this one to be more nimble but the speed surprised me.
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    Hi Betheny, it's a combination of all the above esp. the setup and bearing. Tire pressure has a lot to do with its speed and efficieny,

    24" are faster off the line and seem easier to push. The 559's are faser once they get the momentum up.

    I'm glad you have it setup fairly well and its making you happy, P


      That's awesome Bethany. Tire pressure has a whole lot to do with speed. My tires on my chair got low and I felt like I was getting weaker. I didn't notice until a caregiver pointed it out. Also new bearings make a big difference. And 24" wheels are a whole lot easier to push than 26". It's a lot easier to get up to speed. Mine is a lot faster than my last chair but I think a lot of that has to do with it weighing 10 pounds less. Have fun with it Bethany
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        24" are best for wheeling in different types of terrain, sometimes the 25 inchers really suck and sort of steepish incline


          All the previous posters have covered it. I just want to add my congratulations for having a decently working chair. We all know how liberating that can be after a stretch of using one that's not cooperating.

          Hope this is the beginning of you getting on a good roll. You're due!

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            It is important to keep the front casters perpendicular to the ground. Sounds like your EVO iis set up correctly. I had a heck of a time with my TI EVO. The bolts holding the caster blocks kept breaking even with Froglegs. Had to install harden bolts.
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              Previous people covered it but I wanted to add-- think of the rear gears on a mountain bike. The smaller the gear the faster you're able to go... Same physics goin on with smaller diameter rear chair wheels.
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                I remember my father saying once to me "in your situation having the right setup and the right equipment is everything" he was right, he was a smart man.
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                  B, you and I have the same chair and yes, I have the same experience as you. TiLites move quickly and easily with a good set up.

                  Like you, I have to watch it on ramps. My biggest challenge has been the occasional object dropped from my lap while sailing down a ramp. My camera bag took a good hit on campus recently when it landed in front of my footplate as I wheeled down a ramp. Fortunately, someone grabbed the chair and me. Face plant avoided. My camera was not harmed, only its leather bag took a decent ding.

                  Oh, and I made a new friend (the one grabbing my chair and me).

                  My chair has restored much of my life to me because I can go where I want much more easily. I keep up with my walking friends, can pass them if needed.

                  Cannot wait to go Free Wheel and really take it off road.

                  Get as accustomed to it as you can. Get out there and go!

                  Glad it is working so well for you.


                    Not to mention yer Kansas farm girl's muscles!


                      I'm glad it worked out for you.
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