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Quickie frame warranty voided by e-motion wheels

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  • Quickie frame warranty voided by e-motion wheels

    I just learned this today, regarding my $3000+ titanium Quickie Ti which I just discovered is cracked in 3 places.

    I spoke with two representatives at Frank Mobility, and neither is aware of this issue. However, the agents at Sunrise Medical assured me that it is explicitly stated in the user's manual for the to chair.

    "H. POWER DRIVE Do not install a power drive on any Quickie wheelchair. If you do: 1. It will affect the center of balance of your chair and may cause a fall or tip-over. 2. It will alter the frame and void the warranty. If you fail to heed these warnings damage to your chair, a fall, tip-over or loss of control may occur and cause severe injury to the rider or others."

    Has anyone had this experience?
    What should I do?

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    fukn quickie
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      Quickie is not alone . . .
      Here's a quote from TiLite's website:

      "All TiLite chairs, with the exception of the TX, are compatible with the E-Fix and E-Motion systems built by Alber and distributed in the United States by Frank Mobility. If you are ordering a new TiLite chair, it must have the power adaptable or reinforced frame, 0 degree camber, and billet casters. Unfortunately, it cannot be retrofitted to an existing frame that has not been reinforced. TiLite can check the specifications of your frame for you if you provide the serial number. If you chose to mount the E-Motion or E-Fix on a non-reinforced frame, the warranty will be void. "

      I have ordered my new AeroZ with a reinforced frame.
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        Welcome to Quickie. Since Marilyn left, they've never been the same.


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          Need a replacement chair

          It was news to me and everyone else involved, except Quickie -- the dealer where I bought it, my current dealer where I live now, and Frank Mobility.

          I need to buy a chair. Does anyone have a recommendation? -- 16x19 lightweight with a lot of dump?