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The All Terrain Wheelchair

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    The All Terrain Wheelchair

    Just saw this wheelchair on Youtube:

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    Wonder how hard it is to transfer into. Amazing the stuff that is coming out. Any idea of the cost?



      An email I got from mountain trike August 26th, 2010 last week...

      "Thank you very much Peter, we are working on it!

      We have just been testing an improved drive mechanism which should help us greatly. Plans are to have the trike ready for you early next year. I hope that's not too long for you to wait!

      Kind Regards


        That is cool. Like how you keep your hands clean. Patrick, the levers used to propel lie parallel to the seat when not in use, it looked like in the second video. Might be an easy enough transfer. Probably wouldn't do so good in sand, and it looks like it's inefficient when climbing slopes of any length. But I'd buy one if the price was right.
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          triceps required!!


            transfer looks easy, though a little high.

            it's still in prototype/testing stage, but per their Facebook page, retail will be between £4,000 and £5,000... i.e. between $6200ish and $7700ish USD.

   (more photos there too)


              It looks very good. Although the workout must be exhausting.

              Woulnd't it be suitable for sand if you just used very thick and lightweight wheels? Like these:

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                my manual chair has nuDrive levers and it is exhausting but dont get fingers trapped in rims.

                I wouldn't have strength to manage that to walk my dog twice a day over fields with all these hills, I'm hoping to try the X5 frontier next year in snow, then can see for myself how it handles as don't trust salesmen.. lol!


                  i dunno but those lever propelled chairs look like they'd be hell to push, especially uphill. and are they bad on the shoulders?

                  the videos show him goin downhill mostly.
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