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    Agree, I would be in the market for a tailwind as well. Oh well.


      me too...
      C5/C6 Complete since 08/22/09


        Originally posted by Handsome Wheeler View Post
        John,I agree than one should use a manual chair especially if they are at home in office,and have transportation. In Rehab's case he has quite a distance to roll to work each day.It's not feasable for a guy with no abs or triceps to pull a chair almost a mile to work.Rehab can use Vita Glide to stay in shape.
        Based on your avatar picture,you are not doing too much rolling in your chair.You have the small castors so I know you can't roll over grass,dirt,gravel etc.A friend of mine who is a C/6 quad post 28 yrs had to go to a power chair be cause of tendonitis in his shoulders.His physiatrist told him contiued use of manuel chair could cost him his independence ie: transfers to bed,toilet,and dressing.He has alao been employed over 23 yrs working 40 hrs per week .He has to be there at 8am.

        Take a look at Gino if you want to see a guy that is actually working out as opposed to talking about it. A power chair allows Gino to roll out doors and in and out places w/o help. He looks strong to me.

        Fuente,you brag about independence,yet it takes 2 stong people to lift you on and off your cycle. Who do you impose on to put you on your trike and then wait until you return from one of your 10 or 20 mile rides? Seems like you're very dependent.

        I don't know how you find the time to work full time,ride 10 miles 3x week,and workout. You love to post pics so why not post some of you and your co workers at your office?We can get an idea of how much rolling you do per day.We hear a lot about your need for new chairs because you don't want to show up to work in a scuffed chair,yet we never see pics of you at work.
        The fact that RehabRhino rolls .75 miles to work impresses me.The friend of mine who had to go to a power chair is an independent individual.
        John,you can do many things,and I admire your accomplishments,but just because people do things differently from you,doesn't mean they are wrong.

        You never responded to HW's questions. Time management and SCI has always been a challenge for me, so I'm curious to learn how you juggle all of your activities (e.g., standing frame, lifting weights, handcycling, etc.) and obligations. Are you still working at an office (doing what?) or do you work from home or a combination of the two? Family owned business (just wondering)? How many hours/week? What does a typical Fuente day look like?

        Should probably start a separate thread to see how folks manage their time.


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