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    X5 Help

    I need help in finding a DME that will take care of all insurance claims you name it for a Frontier X5.

    I live about 9 to 10 minutes from the Wisconsin Illinois border on Highway 45 North in Union Grove.

    I found a DME on-line, but they want me to do all the filing for them and my insurance company only works with the DME's.


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    My solution has always been to work the problem by calling the manufacturer of the wheelchair first, find out who their local company rep is for your area of the country and contact that rep directly. The reps are the ones that sell to the DME's and also know best how to get your chair funded. Ask the rep which DME within a radius of where you live could best fulfill providing this chair to you, including paperwork. The rep knows who the better DMEs are to work with!

    Best to you!


      I have tried that and still no one to help me.
      The person for me to talk to is Mike Koltar and still no help.


        What kind of insurance do you have that is even considering a X-5?


          I have Humana Medicare PPO plan and CHAMPVA they purchased my first X5 for me.

          I have either a new break at L2 or I rebroke my old fracture, along with Aortic Atenosis, Cardiomyopathy and my Sarcoidosis.

          I can no longer walk and I want to be active and help my hubby.

          My hubby is going to have knee surgery soon and I need a DME now.


            I went throught Wright and Fillipis for my X5 frontier. They took care of everything. I went through the Marquette, Michigan office and had no problems.