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how to take shower w.o a specific shower wheelchair

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    how to take shower w.o a specific shower wheelchair

    How to take a shower without a specific shower wheelchair to transfer into, then shower, then dry off, then transfer into a regular wheelchair?

    My husband and I do it...we have a shower bench and a roll in shower. We go into the shower with our everyday chair, put the break on and transfer to the shower bench. Then we unlock the break and push the chair out of the way of the shower (but still within reach to grab it). Once we are done, we do the reverse. It really is not all that hard if you have good transfers.
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      Depends on level of injury.
      Make sure you have something for a cushion in the tub.. I use a boat cushion.
      Turn water on and get desired temp.
      Put chair against tub, facing it. Place feet over the edge.
      Transfer forward momentarily sitting on the edge of tub.
      Get in the tub~!
      When your done, shut the water of..
      Grab towel, dry your head a bit, hands, arms, upper body.
      Place towel half on your chair and other half fold on edge of tub for a bit of padding.
      Lift up sit on edge, Grab chair and transfer to chair
      Feet are still over the edge so now is a good time to dry the groin, legs and feet.
      pull the shower curtain closed
      Get dressed go to town and have at..

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        If you don't have a roll in shower, and lack the strength to transfer to the bottom of the tub (this will take a toll on your shoulders over the years even if you do!), then you can get a wide variety of priced shower chairs or benches that allow you to transfer into the tub, sit and take your shower, then drive off before transferring back to your chair (put a towel in the chair and dry off the side and bottom of the tub before transferring). Most people then transfer back to bed to dress.

        If you can stand to transfer, there are even more options available, including just putting a plastic patio chair in a shower stall and transferring to that. I have done that myself following knee surgery.

        All of this should have been taught in even the most basic inpatient rehabilitation program.

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          i've showered a couple times in my regular chair

          i just used a stack of towels for a cushion, and put a garbage bag over the back
          then pull the bag off, chuck the towels in the dryer, spray the bearings with WD-40
          and you're good to go