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Nut/Bolt on wheelchair keeps loosening...

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  • Nut/Bolt on wheelchair keeps loosening...

    Ok gang...doesn't look like the thread is stripped, but why on Earth would the nut where the axel goes into keeps loosening up?

    I was debating using loctite threadlocker....but has anyone else experienced this on their chair? It doesn't look like there is any missing washer (I have always got this same style of Quickie wheelchair)....but why this keeps loosening is beyond me.

    I have attached a picture to show exactly the nut/bolt that is loosening...



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    Although it might feel tight, the axle sleeve and nut are subject to a fairly significant load when you are using your chair. They have to be torqued pretty tightly in order to hold.

    The wrench you are using may have something to do with it. Depending on how good a position you can get due to the surrounding hardware and the length of the wrench, you may not be able to apply enough torque. If the handle is fairly short, you may feel like you are applying significant torque when, in fact, you are not. It just feels that way because you don't have enough leverage. Adjustable wrenches may also limit you because they are usually thicker than an open end wrench and can be difficult to position for optimal application of torque.

    A washer would probably help, and Loc-Tite is not a bad thing. If you intend to use this chair for awhile, investing in an open end wrench which is the correct size may be worth the investment (they are not cheap). It could also save the skin on your knuckles.


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      Dots, lines and aeroplanes. my flying adventures.


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        with a spring washer will not loose more.


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          use the blue loctite
          you may need that loose some day

          or an easier way is a dab of superglue after it's tightened


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            my ti-tlite front caster does it all the time, kinda scary if i don't look down closely for a few weeks.


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              Just, had to retighten mine this morning, as it seems to loosen up every so often. I can tell when it has moved as it takes more effort to lock my wheel break. Worse case scenario is it slides so far forward that the wheel break won’t let the wheel turn. (Had this happen going down the ramp in my garage) I have a deep well socket and ratchet that I keep under the seat of my car for just such an occasion


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                A Belleville washer might work, if it continues to loosening after correct torque is applied. Another trick beside Loctite Threadlocker Blue is to use a prick punch tool and a hammer and give the threads (where the bolt threads meets the nut threads) a couple of hits. This will slightly damage the threads but not more than you will be able to loosen it again.


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                  I would try jamming some wood or plastic into that space between the nut and flat of the axle.


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                    spring washer seems to do the trick...thanks toto and all for the responses


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                      I had this problem with my Invacare Pro-T. Coming down a ramp from a grocery store and turning at the bottom, the whole wheel/axle assembly came loose. Yuck. I tightened it up good when I got home (small adventure). Didn't have that problem again.

                      This experience is one of the biggest reasons I spent my own money to buy my Tilite. Can't happen on a Tilite. Very happy about that :-)


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                        the quickie ti I used for a short time always had crap coming loose. i have a tilite now and the only thing that comes loose is the front screw on the rigid seat sling, locktite fixed that.