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Somebody help me pick a chair

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    Somebody help me pick a chair

    So I had my heart set on a new Marvel, but with things going on the way they did over there, I have changed my mind.

    I need an ultralight, rigid frame chair with a folding back. I am willing to fight with the insurance company until they pay for it, so no worries there.

    What should I get?

    I'd like it to be as light as possible, and as small as possible, what are my options?

    Thanks in advance,


    Oh yeah, and I also need to pick a cushion and some wheels.

    I want a low profile cushion, right now I can fold up my chair and toss it in the car without taking the cushion off and I would really like to still be able to do that.

    As far as wheels go I was thinking Spinergy LX, but I am open to suggestions.
    Is it okay to get 25" rims? 26"?
    I am a reasonably tall guy (6') and sometimes I wish I had more wheel, but 24" seems to be standard. Why should I or should I not get a bigger rim?


      I'm 6'2" and use 559's 24's are too small for me. It depends on how much dump you put in the chair, You don't want the shoulders lifting up and down as you wheel; bad form = shoulder injuries.. I have LX and Round Bety Dinos. I like the Dinos but they creak and groan even after sending them to Roundbetty to be tightened. Never had a problem with the LX.

      I just got a Ti Tr after many years of Riding on Top End chairs. It is the best chair I've had in 37 years.

      I don't have any skin problems so have been using a two inch hard ,green, memory foam for last 20+ years. I just got a Varilite NX dual chambered cushion a couple of days ago. Is taking some getting used to but like it so far.
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        i am going to be receiving my colours in motion shockblade next week. i think its a dope chair and its kinda light but the suspension gives it weight. i also ordered a razorblade from them. rigid no suspension, really light! check them out.


          I just recently got a Quickie Q7. It is really really light and it's much easier to push than my old chair, a Colors Eclipse. It's a brand-new chair on the market made up of some new kind of aluminum. I don't know how it compares to a TiLite chair, which I hear are excellent chairs, but I really enjoy it. I don't know how much adjustability you need, but this chair is fully adjustable in every manner. Hope I helped a little. What ever you decide, make sure you demo it before you buy it. As far as wheels go, I doubt anybody will argue with the fact that Spinergy's are probably the best ones out there. And for a cushion, you should really be evaluated on what is required. If you filled in more of your profile, it would be easier to determine what you should get based on what level you are.
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