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Looking for a DME who can help get an Omegatrac

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    Looking for a DME who can help get an Omegatrac


    This is sort of a help wanted ad. I'm hoping there's a DME somewhere in the US who has recent experience ordering Omegatracs who can help me out. I'd like to get one, and I'm certain the Omega is the best chair for me, but there isn't a DME in my area, Rhode Island, willing to order a new one, and if I don't go through a DME registered with my insurance company, I can't get them to cover part of the cost. I've confirmed with representatives of my insurance company twice over the past couple of years that they're willing to pay a substantial portion of the cost of a new Omega, and, when I called most recently, as part of an effort to convince a DME I was trying to work with Miller (formerly CTS, formally Teftec) to order a chair, I was informed that the DME doesn't have to regularly serve Rhode Island. They don't have to be based here, they don't have to regularly work with clients here. The DME can be based anywhere in the country, as long as they are signed up with the insurance company and are willing to drop ship me the chair.

    The only progress I've made with local DMEs has been to convince my regular DME to work with Miller to order any replacement parts I may eventually need for repairs (I just can't convince them to get as involved with Miller as would be required to order a new chair), which I will then install on the chair myself. I have extensive experience with the Omegatrac, including repairing it, so once I have a chair, I should be all set. It's because of this, my ability to repair it on my own, that the ongoing long-term service obligation a DME usually makes when they order someone a chair can be completely dropped. All I need is the order for a new chair. My insurance company has no problem with the initial orderer not providing repair services, and I'm aware that the portion of the cost of a chair that a DME collects is pretty substantial, and without the service obligation, this has got to be a good deal. I know exactly what I need in a new Omega. Right now, what I need is a DME.

    If you can help, please let me know and I can provide all of the insurance and other information necessary to get this done quickly. I'm hoping for recent experience purchasing Omegatracs in consideration of all the changes that have been going on with the manufacturer, but any help is appreciated.

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