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  • Handcycle issues

    Wzup everyone? I am having issues with my XLT Pro. My rear derailer keeps skipping and will not stay in gear. I went for a ride yesterday and as I'm cranking it constantly skips in and out of gear. I'm normally on the second derailer in the front and when I go to the lower gears in the back it skips like it's trying to find the gear I'm looking for. Has anyone else had this issue and if so what adjustments did you make and how. I'm going to look into this more when I get home from work this evening but frustrated right now. I have a 10K coming up next month and want my bike working properly. Help please

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    take it to the locacal bike shop they will tune it up rep
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      Your cable has stretched and needs to be re-tightened most likely, provided that it shifted good to begin with. You can use the small bail on the cable at the derailure to adjust the derailure by turning left or right depending on how it's shifting, or you can put the rear cog in the smallest gear while in the middle chain ring, loosen the cable bolt at the derailure, pull the slack in the rear derailure cable and re-tighten.


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        Derailleur issues

        It is likely your derailleur cable. If it is mounted on your handle, it has stretched out. Have it replaced with a heavy duty brake cable. With the new handle mounts for the derailleur, there is too much motion and the cable stretches. I advise handcyclists to have their gear shifter mounted on a bar that you can reach as you crank.
        Good luck ion the 10K


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          thanks for the info guys I will check it when I get home. I just had it tuned up before the marathon and it seemed to be working fine until I got out there on the long ride. It shifted well in the neighborhood. If I can't figure it out I will take it back to the shop that tuned it up and hopefully they will fix the problem. Thanks again


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            Whooooaa!!! Hold the phone a second.
            Don't take it to a shop just yet, this is an easy adjustment to make.
            Look where cable feeds into the derailure and you should see a threaded adjuster.

            Get the front wheel off the ground and start cranking slowly. The chain will only skip as it is trying to engage a higher gear so while cranking (or have someone crank and you adjust), back the adjuster out slowly. This will have the effect of moving the derailure in the direction of the lower gears and will center the chain on the gear.
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              Your post reminds me of the periodic little adjustments needed with handcycles, and makes me very nostalgic. I did numerous races and marathons in a race chair, and use bike recreationally. I'm unable to get on my hc at present due to extended illness and really miss it.
              I have an older model Freedom Ryder superbike, and when it would skip like that I would "trim" the lever gear changer to place it solidly into the changed gear. Also took it to a trusty bike shop from time to time to check it out.
              Many happy days ahead with your cycling and good luck with the 10K!


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                Originally posted by fenty View Post
                Whooooaa!!! Hold the phone a second. Don't take it to a shop just yet.
                Indeed. Most bi/handcycle repairs are very easy to do yourself and I'm sure there are a lot of online instructions to help you. I can't count how many times friends have said they took their bike to the shop for something as simple as brake tightening or derailluer adjustments. Unless something actually BREAKS (like in half or off) you should be able to fix it in ten minutes or less with a little know how and a can of lubricant.

                If you want to pay a shop $20/hr to do the "repair", well, that's up to you. But doing it yourself will not only save cost, but also the hassle in getting your handcycle in and out of your car. Twice. Plus - fixing stuff is fun!

                Here are some links I just found via google:

                Good luck!