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    i really like the look of the hase ketweisel ride, and ive been trying without success to find a demo... ive tracked down one in london, so maybe i can pop over sometime. it looks like a conventional 2 behind, 1 forward, but it drives from both rears and also has rear disk brakes


      I also rode with knobbies on my xlt pro for a few years. Just as a flat preventive measure on nasty roads. I rode the same speeds and distances as before. The way hc a made, the weight is over the FRONT wheel for traction and it is where the most efficient/effective braking is had.
      I think folks try outfitting chairs and hc for extreme performance and it is a waste of money, as VERY few perform at the level these weight saving measures would benefit.
      Rear brakes woulds be so much weight added for nothing. I climb STEEP hills and only had front wheel slip some. You wouldn't climb a steeper hill than that, I'm positive, lol.

      As far as those 'other' cycles, they are some bulky/heavy puppies, I'd hate to drag them up and down these hills here.


        That's cool, but I can (and do) go on trails like the one in their video on my Freedom Ryder FRH-1 (and I use skinny Continental road tires). It'd be nice to have mountain bike tires sometimes when I'm climbing, but I make due. Those tires would suck once you get on the road.
        6/18/00: T-5 complete