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    Hello All, I'm a new member and fairly recently injured (1 1/2 years ago) at the T4 level with full arm movement and good hand strength. I know the benefits of standing and would like to purchase a stander/glider. My question is the new Easystand evolve a big improvement over the old 6000 or are they very similar. I will be paying out of pocket and can probably save a few $ on the older model. Thanks

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    You might look for a used one on eBay, or here. Many people here have posted standing frames for sale. It'll save you a lot of money buying used. Good luck, and welcome to CC.
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      Also you can check out the equipment and services forum here on Carecure.
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        Thanks for the info, Yeah I saw some listed in the classified area here but was wondering more specifically on how these machines work for members here and if they prefer one model or another