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Airport Wheelchair Design Needs Improving (Envite Design, Columbus, OH)

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    Airport Wheelchair Design Needs Improving (Envite Design, Columbus, OH)

    My name is Brad Presler and I have recently started a design firm called Envite Design. In order to show airports and wheelchair manufacturers they must get rid of the current wheelchairs in airports and other large public transport areas such as train stations because they are obsolete, we need to show that this is in fact the case. We developed a quick (2 minute or less) survey to gather information on how many people believe that a new wheelchair that allows for users to quickly pass through security, fit on the plane, and among other time saving and comfort giving features, eliminate the use of switching to aisle chairs. This information is crucial in continuing the development of this new and improved wheelchair design. We need as many people to show interest in this as possible, like you.

    The link to the survey (on is below...

    If you would like, join the facebook group Airport Wheelchair Survey for updates on the development and production of the design!!

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions or ideas!!! and Thank You in advance for reading our post and for any information everyone who chooses to help contributes!!!

    Brad Presler
    Envite Design (Columbus, OH)