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Converting bike wheels to handcycle wheels

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    Originally posted by CapnGimp View Post
    PW hubs are outta my league. As are Corimas and all the other really nice wheels. What I have a hard time finding, is a GOOD hub, threaded, for the rear wheels. If I could find THAT, I'd be happy. Then I could lace some nice rims for myself. Found years ago that rims and spokes can be had way cheaper on ebay. Never could find rear hubs tho. The front rim on my xltpro, I made after the original failed in the first couple of months, it arrived warped.
    Now I ride an intrepid, it's what I can afford, and the rims are 700's, easy enough to find, except for the rear hubs again, lol.
    Oh, to be able to afford an FRH-1... my DREAMcycle.
    What is the base price on it? No prices on the site...


      #17 sells them for $ 190 (pair).