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    The Frontier X5 is a great chair, it's a mid-wheel drive with big knobbies. I have not got hung up on anything yet, and climbs like billygoat. Or if you want monster power, it's big brother is the X8, a 4-wheel drive chair. I can use the X5 in a house easily, no way you could use the X8 indoors. Here's a recent thread:


    There are by Innovation in Motion.
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      Thanks McDuff,
      That X5 you say can go in the house no problem how big is it? Is it 4 wheel drive as you said you have never got it stuck. Next question with how crappy battery technology still is how long does your battery last on that puppy? I would love the X8 but would prefer to get a chair that I can use for more than one purpose, like driving around a mall or even in a larger house ect. You can get around pretty good in my house as the main floor is all Tile and I have an elevator to upstairs that why I am wondering how big the X5 is compared to the X8.



        The X5 is 43" long by 28" wide with it's knobby tires(they have a skinny tire option but why?). It is a 2wheel drive, mid-wheel chair with casters front and back, so you are sitting on top of the drive wheels.

        I have the Group 24 AGM gel cell batts. Their literature says you can get 20 miles on a charge, depending on terrain, how heavy you are, etc. I don't have any odometer so hard to tell, but one NASCAR trip I forgot my charger and I ran for 2 days before my buddy brought it out, and I estimated I ran at least 12-14 miles(multiple 2 mile roundtrips to the track and all over hell in the campground loop).

        We live in a '70's 2100sf house, lot's of tight corners in halls, not a problem. Just remember to "gear down" otherwise you will hit shit. Oh yeah, if you ever go on a throw rug, do not try to turn around, it will eat it for lunch.

        We also have a motorhome and I can navigate thru it too. I'm normally in a manual, but when we camp at NASCAR I'm only in the X5.

        One of my brothers has a ranch in OK, we camp up there a lot too. It has some very big hills and lots of rough terrain. Found this old thread where I posted and put some pics:

        Since you're in Canada and get snow, here is a thread by Herco16, another guy who abuses his X5:

        I have gone thru mud, gravel thick enough to bury someone, hopped fallen small trees, embankments steep enough(way past the recommended 15 degrees) to rock me backward onto my rear casters(that's a spooky feeling having the 2 fronts in the air) and it has never not made it thru. At the ranch, I always carry my cell and an FRS radio, just in case I ever "stick it"

        As you can tell, I like this chair.
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        "a T10, who'd Rather be ridin'; than rollin'"


          Best price

          McDuff have you found the best place to buy the X5 from in the States, I would be interested in the cheapest price. I can buy and ship to friend in Idaho then go pick up as things are marked up waaaay to much here in Canada. They can't sell here as they have no license too that's why i pick up and save about 50%.



            I have got a Permobil Trax but it is too big. I can't go inside in a shop with it and it is too heavy to lift up any steps. It is taking one then and it is working great on snow.

            I really like to have a power chair too for the winter, but I can't find any I like. I have got the promise from the State for one so it is only for me to find one I like but it has to be small so I can go inside the shops and be useful on snow and ice.
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              Mooner - I ordered mine from . They were the cheapest I found. Was very happy with them, it arrived on a lift truck and unpacked at my house. And were very helpful as my chair came with the wrong footrest and they got the new one drop shipped from IIM. The local Rep for IIM wanted $4k more for a beat up demo, than I got new from Planet. bah.

              Here is the official Order Form. It has more options than shown on Planets site. I would definitely go for the new flat free caster tire option. I had to Slime the crap out of mine due to flats(they didn't have this option then). You could just contact Planet by phone and add more options.

              WFE - do you get to demo chairs first? I think you would like the X5, it should fit in most stores. All powerchairs are too heavy to lift up steps, so that is a problem. The claim is the X5 will go up/over 4 inch obstacles(I've gone over bigger) but not multiple steps at a time.

              WFE - found this pic from our trip to Mexico. "Parked" myself in the only handicapped spot in the whole town. I could jump the curb on the left side easily, I went up on the right side once, but the sidewalk was so narrow that I hit the wall due to speed needed to get over that bigger curb. Does this look like your town?

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                I think you convinced me my best options are X5 not the X8 as I was thinking that way. As I live out on a acerage and I can drive down the road for about 3 miles then start entering crown land where I can hunt at different times of the year. But I do have a 2008 700 EFI Rhino that I put hand controls in so I can go in that if I have to. The only problem is with the Rhino you cant turn to the left or right easily to get a good shot off with crossbow or rifle so I am very limited. Trust me that happened this year I saw 3 nice bucks, its hard enough to see nice bucks when you are stuck on the ground. I wasn't able to turn around to shoot them so it REALLY sucked bad, would be worse if it was a Elk bull!
                So I think the X5 is best for me as I can use inside and outside so I would get a lot more use out of it. Have you ever taken that X5 on an airplane?? As that would make it more appealing for me as well as I could roll around at whatever destination I choose and not be so terrified of bumps and curbs. I talked to my rep here in Canada and some guy ordered a T5 about 2 years ago with every available option including luggage rack and trailer as he hunts a lot. It cost him $28k which is a lot of money, I am guessing he could of got for $18k if he shopped around. I am willing to drive to the States to pick it up if I have too.
                Sounds like they are reliable as I would worry about the warranty coverage if I buy in the states and bring to Canada, I am guessing I would have none but for that much savings it would be worth it. This definately sounds like the right chair for "Woman from Europe" as she can get around easily outside and versatile enough to move around inside.
                My only problem is how to get that chair anywhere in a vehicle with me as i have a modified truck with a crane to life the wheelchair in, and it is only designed to lift a manual wheelchair in because of weight restriction on the crane. So I would probably have to look at buying some type of second hand van with room to get in and out of chair. Not sure what else I can do in this regards.

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                  I can go to the place we get the equipment and try or go to the different companies. But we can't get all the kind you have got, mostly people are using the Permobil or Storm, I have tried the permobil but the seat are too wide for me, and they deny me a youth size.
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                    I hear ya on the missed shots. I'm a bird hunter and have gone out on an atv with a backrest. We use pushers and blockers, most time I was a blocker(unless the land was swampy, then they wanted me pushing ) and I would "setup" my angle guessing on how the pheasants would come out. Many times I guessed wrong and could only watch them fly away.

                    I have not taken it on a plane. I explored it once, and it appears that it will fit upright in all the big jets, but if you hit any "commuter" jets, you could be in trouble. If you get the AGM gel cells, you do not have to remove the batteries.

                    A possible solution for your truck; I've seen a lot of powerchairs on hitch mounted chair carriers. Probably have to have someone else do the loading though. Mine fits up the ramp and into my dropped floor minivan too.

                    I test drove an X4, the predecessor to the X8, it is an awesome machine. But not a chance indoors, it has a wide turning radius.

                    $28k is a buttload of money, damn. If you were to need warranty work, you'd have to bring it back to the "shipped to" area. But so far, knock on wood, I have not had a need for any service work.
                    e.t.a. But ya know what, you could call and tell PlanetMobility that you were in Canada on vacation and needed work.
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                      WFE - that's weird, you'd think they'd be glad to get you a youth chair, might even be cheaper for them. Too bad.
                      "a T10, who'd Rather be ridin'; than rollin'"


                        there is an x5 dealer in uk (i forget their name) but it would work out monumentally expensive, so i would have no compunction getting it shipped to my cousins in boston and flying over to pick it up...
                        by the way, i also have problems fitting into standard sizees, but the official order form shows pediatric seat sizes, and although they are not on the planetmobility form, im sure they would order it for me


                          Originally posted by McDuff View Post
                          WFE - that's weird, you'd think they'd be glad to get you a youth chair, might even be cheaper for them. Too bad.
                          It is really weird rules here, I have been fighting for getting my manuell in a smaller size too. The smallest size for adults is 14", in the end I got the 12.5". But it is new rules here now about size, weight and type of chair so maybe it is better for me, but it is worse for most because people are angry they can't get the chair they want.
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                            I have both the X-5 and the Next Mobility OmegaTrac. Both chairs work well outdoors and indoors but the OmegaTrac is best by far.
                            The OT has air adjustable front/rear suspension and is very comfortable. It lifts the chair by 4 inches and ground clearance is critical.

                            The OT is heavy (430 lbs) and has a very stable low center of gravity. I can climb scary steep hills by adjusting the air front or back and using the seat tilt.

                            The X-5 almost threw me out a couple of times because of the high center of gravity and the raised buttons on the controller. On rough terrain my hand can get knocked off the joystick, hit the buttons and change the modes or worse, hit the on/off button which stops the chair dead. The chair was thrown forward and was resting on the leg struts/ footplate and front casters. The only way I recovered was by tilting the seat and falling back on the wheels.
                            The controller on the OT is flat and changing modes must be deliberate.

                            The controller is well sealed and all equipment is protected from the weather on the OT.
                            The X-5 raised buttons and exposed equipment makes the chair more venerable to wet weather.

                            X-5 has low pressure wide knobby tires and the OT has foam filled knobby tires and can be fitted with dualies on the front.

                            When push comes to shove, I'll take the OmegaTrac.
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                            C 5/6 Comp.
                            No Tri's or hand function.

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                              What are the size differences in the Omega Tack to the X5 and what does each one weigh. Also how does the turning radios compare? Reliability? Cost difference?

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                                Bah I looked them both up and the turning radios is terrible on the OmegaTrac it is 30.5 inches where as the X5 is 22.5. That pretty much decided it for me out of them two, but I like to here different options.

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