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ZRA order form questions.

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  • ZRA order form questions.

    I doing round two for a new chair with a new DME here in NM and hvae a few questions if anyone can help me.

    Currently I have a Quickie Ti with a tapered front end. NOT tapered seat. And it 16x16. My new chair will be the ZRA C. My question is on the C package. I don't want seat taper but want the V front end. But will that have taper in it like the Quickie Ti does? Cuase there is a check box that says NO V-Front Taper. If it does have taper anyone know how much taper it will be? The seat agin will be 17x16 and the foot rest width will be either 12 or 11 inch wide.

    Alos Since I'm going wider on the seat and switching up from velcro adj backrest to a Roho Jetstream should I just get a 17x17 seat?

    I'm trying my darndest to make certain all these thing s are correct and the DME is helping a bunch. It's just this is not a popular chair in my state so he doesn't alot of orders for them hence not too knowlegable about them. Anyhoo. If you can help please do.


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    okay, download the form from and read it very carefully, especially the measurement instructions. if you check the box labeled 'no v-front', the front will be entirely square, and the footrest width (which is measured inside the bars) will equal the seat width, when you add 2.5" to get the overall width of the footrest.

    spend a while going over the form - tilite forms can be complicated, but all the information is there, and its explained very thoroughly. dont forget the diagrams...

    if you want a v-front, the bars go straight from the front seat width down to whatever footrest width you ask for, which is measured 2.5 inches above the actual surface of the footrest (and again from inside the bars). so a footrest width of 11 will mean that the outside of the bottom of the front end will be approx 13.5", so that is how deep your v will be - straight from 17" wide to 13.5".........

    if youre still not absoluely sure what to expect when you put the order in, ask for a cad drawing from tilite - they do a drawing before manufacture starts, and if some part looks off you can fix it.


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      To use a Roho Jetstream or similar back you need to get the 4" deep backrest ridgidizer bar (no charge option) for it to fit properly. I don't know why they still don't have a note specifying this.

      Go to the TiLite website and click on "Contact" email one of the customer service people and they are usually very helpful at answering questions you have.

      I don't see any reason in your post for increasing your seat depth. Changing backrests should not make your legs longer to require for seat depth. Does the DME not have any access to demo chairs?


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        You can take the V front end with no seat taper on Tilite chairs.


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          Thanks for the info gang. I really apreciate it.

          Jeff My DME does not have access to a demo at this point. Like I said they don't sell enough Tilites here in NM to warrant them and I understand. Cuase my DME is a good guy and know that I'm paying for a chair for me and he wants me to have what I want and need.

          What I did find out is that the C Package is not what I want. I didn't realize the No C ZRA's come with a tapered front end. That is what I have on my Quickie Ti and that the feeature I want on my TiLite. Just sucks I cannot get the footrest a little less wide.

          But TY all again.



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            You can have the footrest at 11-12" if you like. My ZRa with C package has a V front end with no seat taper. My seat is 18" wide and my footrest is 10 or 11" wide.

            You don't need the C package to have a smaller footrest to seat width either. You just won't have the "V" front end. The front end tubes will be bent to make the footrest narrower rather than the tubes being straight forming a V shape.

            You can have it the way you want it Jimmy.


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              Watch out with adjectives, they are "different" on the Ti order form than the way I think.

              The C package gives you a smooth V front end, that "tapers"(my definition) from your seat width, to whatever footrest width you want.

              The STD non-C package gives you a frontend with a "kink"(my definition) in the downtubes, right about where your calf is. With the STD pkg, there is still an assortment of footrest widths you can pick, depending on seat width.

              Both of these can be done with no seat width taper.

              If you're up for a lot of reading, here is my thread when I was ordering my ZRa, with lots of good info:


              and here is my thread after I got it with some pics:

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                ok one more question. On seat to footrest length. I think I currently use 16 length. But I thought I read some where that I should spec it out shorter than I need? Is this true? Anyone know?



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                  yes, because there is more downward adjustment than up - but i dont know how much... maybe less than 2"?