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    Originally posted by bdphil View Post
    This thread really brings back memories. I bagged my '05 Suburban 3 years ago and it's worked great for 40000 miles now. The RidePro system on mine has been bulletproof. Other than replacing a few air pressure sensors over the years, it's been maintenance free. Nice job on your install.

    Originally posted by Foolish Old View Post
    LC, haven't checked this thread in a while. I see a lot has happened since then. I'll need to go back and see how you got to the finish line. IT LOOKS GREAT! You Sir, are a effin' artist! Also, great job on the photo-journalism. Thanks for this thread.
    Documenting the process was nearly as time consuming as the install!

    Originally posted by du2ecT View Post
    Im new to the forums so I was nosing around and found your project Suburban and it looks real nice and the fact that you did it yourself is really impressive. I have owned a few bagged trucks including the one in my picture and it is so much easier to transfer into my truck versus some of my friends who just have lowered trucks on static drops. I cant wait to see you next project! -Brian
    Nice looking ride!

    Originally posted by Donnie View Post
    Loose, was that burban 4x4? Is it possible to do a 2007-new tahoe 4x4 on bags? if so, will it effect the 4-wheel drive? and what would price be w/o labor?
    It is a 2wd but I've seen 4wds with air springs. Although they are a little more limited on the amount of drop becasue the CV joints will bind at some point.

    Originally posted by RideRed View Post
    it looks like it turned out good for you. I did a 4-6 static drop to 2003 2wd seirra I did alot of that work myself also. My brother helped me out with the heavy stuff like fliping the rear axle and getting the rear leaf springs out. The 4-6 drop was ok it was easier for me to get in and out of the truck but too hard for me to get the chair in by myself so I let the wife drive it till she crashed it. I do want to air bag one some day but would rather do it to a 4x4 so I could use it year round. I think it might be possible to do it to the new body style since they finally changed the front suspension.

    Just a fyi you don't need to work a foot pedal to tig weld. I tig welded my sheetmetal master piece project together using a tig welder. They have scratch start ones and the newest ones have a touch start where you put the tungston on the work surface and when you pick it up it strikes a arc. With these type of tig welders you just set you heat to where you want like a mig and go. We use these types of welds all the time in field for installing stainless kitchen equipment. Plus they are 110-220 volt and they work really good. miller diversion series are similar to what we use.
    Thanks for the info on the new TIG machines! One of these days I would like to try my hand at TIG welding.