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    this is my fav post on here. huge fan here of the bags. How hard is it go bag a car on my own?


      Originally posted by cwebbatya View Post
      this is my fav post on here. huge fan here of the bags. How hard is it go bag a car on my own?
      Are you mechanically inclined? Do you have access to basic hand tools, saws, and drills? If so, go for it!

      I bagged a few vehicles over the years and this Suburban has been the most difficult. Mainly because the "kit" is intended for Tahoes so I had to rework some stuff to make it work with the burb.


        The exhaust hit the rearend when aired out so I lengthened it about 3" in order to raise and clear the axle tubes. I used pieces from a 3" "J" pipe from Jegs.

        Pieces cut and tacked together for fitment. If you look close you'll notice that they're cut at an angle to provide the necessary bend for clearance.

        Had to drop the exhaust to fully weld around the pipe.

        The "U" bend over the rearend is within inches of the passenger rear bag so I wrapped that portion of the exhaust in high temp header wrap, probably overkill but better safe. Also, the exhaust was too long to install as one piece so I added a collector to install as two pieces.

        The exhaust tip hung down too low and stuck out too far for my taste.

        So I cut it off and built a new piece from the "J" pipe. It looks MUCH cleaner now than from the factory.

        Now that the exhaust is complete I wish that I would've listened to my wife and had an exhaust shop do the work. Working under it while on jack stands and installing removing the exhaust multiple times was not fun .


          Over the past weeks I completed the wiring, had the drive shaft shortened, installed the limiting straps and rear sensors, shortened the rear sway bar links, and a million other little things.

          Tested the air ride last night for the first time and everything worked great. I left the bags aired up over night and checked them this morning and all held pressure except the LF corner. Also the air tanks leaked down from 150 PSI to 100 PSI, so after work I'll crawl around looking for the leaks with soapy water.

          Next week I plan to get it inspected and aligned and give it a good bath! I'll post up some outside pics when it gets back from the alignment shop.


            My soldering iron died so I purchased a more versatile Weller soldering gun without considering how in the world I was going to squeeze the trigger of the gun .

            I ended up wrapping a wire/cable tie around the trigger, just loose enough to slide off and tight enough to engage the trigger.

            This also works great for the paint can triggers.


              Took the burb to get aligned this morning and the guy said that he couldn't align it because it was lowered. He basically didn't want the hassle of adjusting the camber cams with having "limited space". Whatever... Time to find another shop. Kinda bummed because I was planning to drive it to Philly next Monday for a conference.


                we have only one shop here who will do it. They are awesome to!
                C5-6 Feb 05


                  Snapped a pic of the beast after having hand controls installed this afternoon.


                  and after a lot of money and time

                  The front seat to ground height measures 27 1/2" (it's really less because of seat foam compression). My varilite cushion sits about 20 1/2" so the transfer is pretty easy.


                    @ Ride height

                    Fully extended


                      Looking good!!


                        This thread really brings back memories. I bagged my '05 Suburban 3 years ago and it's worked great for 40000 miles now. The RidePro system on mine has been bulletproof. Other than replacing a few air pressure sensors over the years, it's been maintenance free. Nice job on your install.


                          LC, haven't checked this thread in a while. I see a lot has happened since then. I'll need to go back and see how you got to the finish line. IT LOOKS GREAT! You Sir, are a effin' artist! Also, great job on the photo-journalism. Thanks for this thread.

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                            Im new to the forums so I was nosing around and found your project Suburban and it looks real nice and the fact that you did it yourself is really impressive. I have owned a few bagged trucks including the one in my picture and it is so much easier to transfer into my truck versus some of my friends who just have lowered trucks on static drops. I cant wait to see you next project! -Brian


                              Loose, was that burban 4x4? Is it possible to do a 2007-new tahoe 4x4 on bags? if so, will it effect the 4-wheel drive? and what would price be w/o labor?
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                                it looks like it turned out good for you. I did a 4-6 static drop to 2003 2wd seirra I did alot of that work myself also. My brother helped me out with the heavy stuff like fliping the rear axle and getting the rear leaf springs out. The 4-6 drop was ok it was easier for me to get in and out of the truck but too hard for me to get the chair in by myself so I let the wife drive it till she crashed it. I do want to air bag one some day but would rather do it to a 4x4 so I could use it year round. I think it might be possible to do it to the new body style since they finally changed the front suspension.

                                Just a fyi you don't need to work a foot pedal to tig weld. I tig welded my sheetmetal master piece project together using a tig welder. They have scratch start ones and the newest ones have a touch start where you put the tungston on the work surface and when you pick it up it strikes a arc. With these type of tig welders you just set you heat to where you want like a mig and go. We use these types of welds all the time in field for installing stainless kitchen equipment. Plus they are 110-220 volt and they work really good. miller diversion series are similar to what we use.