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Silver-Thera Stocking - Recovery? - Dr. Wise?

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    Silver-Thera Stocking - Recovery? - Dr. Wise?

    Hanger our KAFO vendor wanted us to give these Silver-Thera Stockings a try. They are thinking that the stimulation could promote some recovery. He mentioned that she would be the first SCI to wear these as they are typically used for other uses. I'm curious if anyone else has heard of these or have tried these out. Our vendor is donating the first pair. They are supposed to last about 3 months. If she shows any return they will donate a 2nd pair for her to wear. Not sure how they will know the return is from the socks or not, but we are going to get it a try.

    I would love hear what Dr. Wise thinks of these.

    "The Silver-Thera™ stocking is a patented stocking woven from silver nylon and Dacron to provide conductivity over the complete treatment surface area. Since the stocking covers the entire target area, there is no guess work with the placement of the electrodes. Patients simply wear the stocking as they would a normal stocking, connect the Micro-Z MINI™ stimulator and choose one of the treatment protocols.

    The product is not only comfortable to wear but also enhances the potential for rapid clinical results. This innovative weave gives conductivity to the entire garment thus affording maximum beneficial stimulation to the injured area. This product is used to increase circulation and perfusion in the lower extremities, reduce pain caused by diabetic neuropathy, and aids in rapid healing"

    Hi, was wondering how was your experience with Thera stockings? Im thinking of purchasing them for my brother. They seem expensive and not available in europe though. Thanks