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Does Anyone Have The New Powerchair Battery Charger??

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  • Does Anyone Have The New Powerchair Battery Charger??

    The one that's small and lightweight? I just took delivery of mine yesterday after my old heavy one that I had finally decided to quit working on me as well as the controller plug being severely bent to where it couldn't be fixed, and I was amazed at how light it was when I picked it up.

    It's also so small that you can practically pack it in a suitcase for trips.


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    For what chair? Most companies have a smaller travel sized charger but they generally are not cheap. Here is a previous discussion:


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      I just purchased this one for my TDX5 and it works great. The fan's a little louder than I thought it would be, but not too bad, and the cords are a little short.


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        It's the new MK battery chargers. My best friend has a Permobil power chair and she has one for it. I have a Quickie power chair with the exact same one.

        Here's the link for it:

        The neat thing about these new chargers is that they can be wall-mounted. I have mine sitting on a shelf right by where my power chair is parked.



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          I carry one with me incase of an emergency.