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Dme reviews- good and bad

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    Well I am looking for a good DME now in Florida that I can order a new powerchair without having 2k out of pocket after my medicare..
    I have used Abel Medical supply in port saint lucie and ft. pierce for 20 years now they USED to be great but they are merging with another company that is interested in money instede of customers and product.. So I am in the process of looking for a new one now....
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      Originally posted by kenf View Post
      I made my yearly visit to Metro thursday for a check up and my scrips. I was talking to the rehab SCI doc about how bad HAO is. He basicly ignored what I had to say about them. I asked why does Metro use those idiots , he had no answer.
      i assure u word is getting around regarding health aid of ohio...............i tell everyone i can regarding their ins fraud and screwing the gimp consumer. and they are being investigated by the state and anthem currently rep
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        Im in socal, ive only had bad experince so far with med and wheelcair supplies.
        dont use extreme medical or life medical they are realy bad!!
        can someone give advse on a good dme in the 91010 area code or close or?
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          Since 2002 I work with East Coast Rehab located in Alexandria, Virginia. I got my two chairs from them with no problems. Great and prompt service. They are also aggresive with insurance companies. Highly recommended.
          Dealers for Colours, TiLite, and many more in Washington DC area:


            I would look into going to the wheelchair seating clinic at Casa Colina Centers for Rehabilitation in Pomona, CA (maybe 30-40 min from Monrovia). They have a great wheelchair clinic and see lots of people with SCI's and other neurological diseases on a daily basis.
            I go to Casa Colina for outpatient therapy and could not have better things to say about them.
            For my wheelchair I had to go through National Seating and Mobility in Anaheim because that is who the insurance company would allow me to go through (HMO). Overall it was an ok experience, although the DME ordered the frame wrong the first time so he ended up ordering a replacement frame with the right specs (he had told me what he was gonna order and when it came it was NOT what he had said, so he kinda had to fix the problem). I didn't have to "fight" with him to order a new frame and was allowed to keep the other frame till the new one arrived so I was never without a chair.
            Let me know if you want other places to look into.

            eta: What problems did you have with xtreme medical? I have a good friend who works for them and I'm sure he would appreciate me passing along any information which could help the company to improve on their patient relations. If you are still having problems with xtreme let me know and I will see what I can do.
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              I need someone in OK, FAST. The ones I used for little items never return calls, don't order stuff, and charged a friend's insurance 18k for a 6k manual chair! I've never ordered a chair in this state, the one I got in TX was a disaster. That was the vendor's fault, we were both rookies. I forget his name but he looked like Keanu Reeves. Ladies, don't succumb to a pretty DME dealer!

              The OK DME biz I've dealt with is owned and staffed by disabled folks we know and have socialized with, mind you! Sorry, fuentes, can't post their names b/c I know them. OK ppl can pm me for info, or maybe I'll decide to post it.

              Yeah, okie dme dealer, you know who you are. you SHOULD be nervous-and you should refund Carl's money!

              I refuse to be robbed. Maybe I should introduce myself that way?

              Also, does anyone know how I can buy a kuschall thru medicare? I want a chair like I have but smaller. Kuschall = truly adjustable. It is insane how chairs are so non-adjustable, they are all basically custom made. Yet the people measure/order them wrong! And we get charged and blamed, or sit on ill-fitting bs for 5 yrs. And it's not my fault I'm on Medicare!

              All these ppl worried about their tax dollars need to check how the health insurance biz has taken all the risk out of their end of the gamble. 2 yrs disabled and you're on medicare, no matter what. Insurers are only guaranteeing health care to healthy people, grrrrrrr.

              Great thread, fuentes!
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                Here ya go fuente. In utah you got magic rest, dishonest crooks lyin' cheatin' anything to stick it to you. They told me my insurance would pay 1500$ i pay 975.00 and they would pay the rest on a quickie ultra lite. Ok no problem (six mos. Later i had collections on me to pay an outstanding debt of 2380.15$ it didn't ding my credit but it took me 2 yrs to pay off. If they had told the insurance bc/bs it was an ultra lite they would have paid in full but magic rest would not resubmit the claim.
                Then you got praxair they don't know anything about chairs they was my first dme they are so out of it they didn't know they was a dealer for the terra trek outdoor digger chair i bought(and took 6 mos. To get same as my tilite zra 6 mos.).
                So i'm gonna try my hand with prn got a gimp friend that works for them.


                  Metro Guys

                  I noticed there was a hospital named metro . Is this the one in Cleveland run by Dr. Neminides? If it is how is he doing?



                    hi Steve. He runs the rehab center. I just saw he couple weeks ago for my yearly check up and scrips. He's still busting everybodys balls. lol Always trying to lighten up things. He's a good , down to earth guy. I spent 4 months there , at Metro. Oh ya his name is Dr. Nemunaitis , I couldn't spell it if I didn't have my pill bottle. lol Most everybody calls him Nemo
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                      ken, i believe hes speaking mon night at the sci meeting at metro, r u coming, i'll be there.....trying to get the dam rugby team goin. alot of bullshit politics up there, but good ppl none the less.
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                        I have no way there. I get to go some place , maybe 2 or 3 times a year. lol. Hope you guys get it going.
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                          Update on Woodrow Wilson:
                          I got my chair, a TiLite 2GX two weeks ago, on the 11th. I've been moving and starting a new job, so I don't have any pictures yet, but I will put them in a new thread when I do.
                          The chair wasn't too expensive - only about $4000. With all the options and backrest and seat cushion, I think this is just about retail price. Nothing like the $10 grand gouging some of you have seen.
                          I didn't even see the DME this time. It was just me and Joe Fangman, the PT. He was very helpful and knowledgable as always.
                          The chair wasn't set up perfectly, but we got it usable with a few minor adjustments and I've been able to get it almost perfect with a few more adjustments since.
                          Woodrow Wilson has been a very positive experience. Also, Joe showed me an Air Flight chair. He was concerned that the footrest was not attached very sturdily, but I liked it. It wasn't as light as I'd hoped, but it wasn't too heavy either.


                            dme reviews

                            fuente- this is a productive idea. I am in the NY Metro/NJ. I have MS and went for my first chair. First off, you and a few handful of people here were so much help and I come here from time to time and get great insight....
                            I went through Kessler wc clinic. Kessler was good, ot was OK ( over conservative and not too insightful on various options ) and wc could be five + degrees tighter. DME who is AllCare Medical in NJ. The rep was not to be found in the ordering process, communicated to me like a stop sign. I had to fight for them to go after the ins. company for they wanted me to take $3200 out of my pocket... after 6 weeks of me fighting with the ins. co i finally ordered the wc and ended up spending $600 out of pocket for a zra, which i like. After delivery D's which are great were not installed correctly so I had no brakes(fun ), took days to come out and when they got there they could not repair it. D's (great guys) sent out new parts and- 2 weeks later it was fixed.
                            Next event was the the d's locks on the rims need those small screws- they wanted to charge me $5.00 per screw ( i bought 100 for $4.00) and $65/hour to bring them to me. last the tube in the spinergy went flat and i was pushing a flat tire for almost 2 weeks and they showed up with the wrong size! moral of the story is if you go to kessler for a WC clinic interview the DME's versus getting who they assign! net net everyone here are so much help to people like me.... i wish i can buy you all new chairs. seriously
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                              I've Been Around

                              Originally posted by kenf View Post
                              I made my yearly visit to Metro thursday for a check up and my scrips. I was talking to the rehab SCI doc about how bad HAO is. He basicly ignored what I had to say about them. I asked why does Metro use those idiots , he had no answer.
                              Health Aid of Ohio is the biggest DME in Ohio. They and Invacare stand astride the DME scene like Colossus.

                              I am a C5/C6 incomplete Quad injured in 1983. I have dealt with Omed(defunct), Hanger(defunct), Accucare(incompentent), Millers(greedy & myopic), and currently Health Aid of Ohio(myopic). My first wheelchair was thru Omed. Thanks to miscommunication with Omed and stank ass Blue Cross, I was sent home with no wheelchair or bed when released from Metro 7th floor back in early summer of (I was 16) 1984. Had to sit in a kitchen chair with a pillow for a cushion. Slept in my old twin bed upstairs; which meant I was trapped upstairs all day. Only received a manual wheelchair thru Omed (E&J Quicksilver) thanks to my Mom's insurance Mail Handlers. Blue Cross refused to cover anything further. Got a free used bed from a C4/5 Quad who ended up going to jail on drug trafficking charges. Who said you can't be gangsta in a wheelchair?

                              Millers supplied my next manual wheelchair, a Quickie solid frame. I had no issues with Millers until it came to repairs. Their service guys aren't very good. And they don't give a damn about you going without equipment. Their only concern is M-O-N-E-Y. Pre approval from the insurer. And you know how long that takes. They had to do a repair on my Hoyer, it took six months before I heard from them about scheduling a service call. By that time I had paid out of pocket to HAO to do the repairs.

                              Next up, Health Aid of Ohio, I have had some minor issues and some major league ass ups (more later on the ass ups) with them. They also supplied my first power wheelchair in late 2002. Nevertheless, if you keep your foot on their damn necks and do not deal directly with the sales reps over there, you can generally get what you want. See I live in Cleveland (Eastside) and will not hesitate to jump in my van and drive over there to get in somebody's ass. That is part of the reason I have not had as many issues with them as some. But like a pitbull, if HAO smells weakness in you, if they suspect you're not watching every step they make...lookout!
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                                I am also trying to locate a DME in Florida. I need to order a new TIlite and nobody near me deals with them. I called 5 of the DMEs listed on the TIlite dealer locator site and 4 never even heard of TIlite. Phone calls and emails to TIlite haven't produced a solution. All I need is for someone to process the paperwork who is a Preffered Blue Cross supplier. I'll call a few of the recommended sources from the previous posts and see if I can get the order processed even if I'm in another state.
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