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So I got my ZRA today...

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    So I got my ZRA today...

    and there are goods and bads to uglies luckily.

    It fits me great in width and length, much smaller than my current wc. I like that I'm almost 2" lower to the ground.

    I love the ABS footplate, I had a tubular before and my feet fell off a lot.

    Again I really love the measurements. It's 15x17 and the footplate tapers to 9". I only worry about a shorter seat depth when I do shower transfers etc bc I use a board and am missing an inch or two of seat to lay it on now.

    1.5 softrolls don't roll as well as 1" I feel more resistance when turning.

    I'm not crazy about the Schwalbe Marathon Plus, they are rough on my hands and I cannot tell if they are causing more resistance when pushing too. My black KIK solid tires have different treading and don't tear up your hands.

    I don't care for the Natural Fit LT handrims. I have the original Natural Fit on my current wc and though they may be a tad heavier they have a glossy finish that your hands just slide over. The new LT have a more satin finish and I don't like the way they feel in my hands. They almost feel like they have a film to them and in my head feel like they are dirty. I prefer the glossy/slick finish. The LT are rough on my hands compared to the glossy which is a big deal bc I have sensitive skin on my fingers that is easily irritated.

    My back canes are too low. Where they are high enough for my backrest I don't have that extra 2.5-3" of cane above the mounting hardware that my current wheelchair has. No biggie, right...wrong. I depend on that few inches to kinda wrap my upper arm around while going down something steep so I don't fall forward due to lack of adequate abs.

    Backrest. I got a custom 15" ADI back. The DME talked me into adjustable and on the back it has these brackets that stick out. I thought non angle adjustable would be fine because bc it still has some adjustability. I thought my current Jetstream Pro back was adjustable bc we have adjusted angle and height but it doesn't have the ugly brackets sticking out.

    Thankfully the main measurements are good and things I dislike can for the most part be swapped out I hope without it coming out of my pocket. I kinda want to get regular 1" softrolls but that requires the 1" fork too. I rather have the black KIKs as long as my hillholders will still work with them. I want higher backcanes to loop my upper arm around. I'm scared to come out of my minivan because I almost flop forward.

    I haven't used the wc outdoors so hopefully the DME and Tilite will be understanding and good to me.
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    I do not think you need a 1 inch fork to get the 1 inch soft rolls. You should be able to put spacers in there to take up the extra distance.
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      Glad ya "mostly" like it, should be pretty easy to get re-fitted.

      Sportaid has 1.5" hard roll casters, another possibility.

      Look at where your back canes are bolted in, there may be enough upward adjustment for a quick fix w/o needing exchange.

      DME should swap out backrest if you want, that came from them not Ti.

      Would think Ti would swap out the LT's.
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        The fit is the most important thing - the rest you can tweak.

        Post some pics when you get the time.

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          Yes post pics. It may help me in my decision.... Glad it fits you for the most part.
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            i have frogs legs forks and have had both 1" and 1.5" casters in there, with no difference in the spacers. the wider casters have the hubs dished in a little, so they take up the same amount of space on the axles. so it should be just a direct swap to change to 1" casters, with no different hardware needed


              Glad your chair arrived. Bummer it isn't perfect. I'm anticipating the same with mine but hopefully not.

              The front casters wouldn't be tightened too much causing the resistance, would they be?

              Do you know the exact date your chair was ordered? It's been about 24 days since my order went in.


                Ah I was wondering when your wc was coming in November, did you put your specs up before if ya did I missed it. Please post pics, am glad ya like your chair and no major dislikes.
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                  wheeliecoach and amy I think you're right. I just measured both my Kuschall and ZRA forks and both are 1.5" regardless of caster wheel size. How do I know if my Kuschall are soft or hard roll? Can I take my Kuschall caster wheel out and just try it out in my ZRA to see if there is a difference in pushing/turning?

                  McDuff I believe my backcanes have about 1/2" more they can be adjusted up. I wanted the DME to try it but she did want me to try things out first not change everything at once. Plus idk how much difference that will make. We will definately try though!

                  Tilite also said they don't make the glossy finish Natural Fits anymore. I'm going to call the company themselves and see. I hate when people change things that worked for you for several yrs. I have had these older ones about 4 yrs though. If nothing else I'll swap them out...they should work bc they both are on a 24"wheel.

                  I think I want to go back to the JSP back. ADI is supposed to be the exact same but there are definate differences between the two.

                  NQ I'll check to see if the casters are too tight. The ZRA just doesn't swivel as well as the Kuschall and idk if it's the casters, back wheels, or both. My wc took a little over a mnth to be built btw.

                  Thanx everyone, I'll get pics when I cam isn't compatible w/ Vista so I rely on other people's cam for now.

                  Oh I don't like Tilites push to lock brakes. They are either too hard and tight to push/pull or too loose. I love my Kuschall brakes but they aren't compatible with hillholders.

                  wtf...i'll post specs later

                  i'm out the door....sorry for any typos..thanx everyone who posted. btw i wish i had a dme at home or handyman...i can't do any of these adjustments myself so i'm still sitting in my old wc.

                  oh i can't pop wheelies either. need cog changed. do you move the axle forward or back to make a wc more tippy?
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                    Originally posted by november View Post
                    oh i can't pop wheelies either. need cog changed. do you move the axle forward or back to make a wc more tippy?
                    move forward.


                      Re the finish on the push rims, I know and can relate to your dislike about the gritty, dirty-feeling finish. I hate that too. The good news is that the rims will eventually acquire a polished look and feel, the bad news is that this takes time, at least many months of consistent use. Perhaps they could be buffed out to a shine with some 0000-grade steel wool. Is there a bike shop in your area?

                      COG adjustment: The more forward the COG the tippier the chair (as more of your weight is distributed behind the axle).


                        Thanks for posting this, Nov. I'm in the middle of ordering something new too, so it's good to know what works and what doesn't.


                          Aluminum hub soft rolls will roll better than the composite hub version TiLite puts on the chair.

                          Three Rivers is aware that some users who have used both versions (like myself) prefer the glossy black NaturalFits despite the slightly greater weight and succeptibility to chips. I find them to be grippier than the flat black versions (in addition to the aesthetic appeal) and I know I am not alone. That said, I don't know what, if anything, they may do about it.


                            Will moving the axle forward make me lose any of the seat cushion depth in front of the tire? Not sure if I'm asking this correct but I rely on that corner of cushion for slide board placement so I wonder if that puts the wheels further forward where you lose that space. I can't really transfer OVER the tires. Kuschall COG I thought the seat actually moved not the axle or wheels.

                            I'll definately try my aluminum 1" casters. I never thought maybe it was the composite hub not the size itself making a difference.

                            I wish Three Rivers would bring back the glossy finish. The satin finish even feels cheaper. Luckily my old Natural Fits are still in good condition. So did you guys just learn to love the new finish or go to a completely different handrim?
                            Aerodynamically, the bumble bee shouldn't be able to fly, but the bumble bee doesn't know that, so it goes on flying anyways--Mary Kay Ash


                              I put my glossy set back on. I think the glossy finish picks up a slight amount of condensation and that little bit of moisture translates to better grip and smoother braking. The textured finish on the flat black version seems to wick away that moisture.

                              Are your Schwalbe's aired up to 145 psi? They won't feel as responsive as a Primo V-trak, but they should roll better than your solid tires if they are properly inflated.

                              Moving your rear axle forward would improve the responsiveness of your ZRa. Unfortunately, that would also take up a little more of the space you need for your transfer board.