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Which cushion would you recommend?

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    Which cushion would you recommend?

    Hi all,

    I realize that there are many posts which already exist in regards to cushions on the market, but I was hoping someone could give me some tailored advice. I underwent surgery in the summer of 2007 to correct a rotating scoliosis. The surgery did the trick and I now have rods running from T1 to L1. However, I have now started to develop a lordotic (sp) curve which has to do with a number of reasons, including tight hips, hamstrings, and all that jazz. I've been told that the curve is not fixed and that through aggressive seating and excersises such as pelvic tilts, I can combat it. So my question is, what cushion on the market would help correct this? I will also be ordering a new wheelchair because I am overdue, but I'd love to get some advice on my seating to see what I can do. I'm looking for something relatively lightweight, and pretty discreet, as I don't want a huge, bulky cushion.


    Hi Kiran,
    I too have had corrective surgery (actually multiple) for scoliosis and am now fused from T2-Sacrum with anchors in the Ilium. I'm sorry to hear that you have developed a pronounced lordosis since your fusion surgery. It is always good to maintain flexibility after surgery and injuries, but depending on what is actually the cause of the curve exercise (such as pelvic tilts) may or may not correct it. My first spine surgeon did not choose the correct levels at which to fuse my scoliosis and ended up curving both above and below the previous fusion requiring it to be lengthened.
    I'm not saying this is the case with you, but I would get multiple opinions to see what other surgeons say about the cause of the lordosis.
    As for a good cushion, I just received a Varilite Meridian cushion (pictures attached) that has been wonderful. It is an "air foam flotation cushion". There are 2 air valves attached to the cushion, one controls the front chamber (left valve) and the other controls the back chamber (right valve). When you are out of the chair and the valves are open it allows air into the chambers. You close it before getting into the chair and open them (one or both) to let air out for the foam to shape to your body. Since I have scoliosis and asymmetries of the hips/pelvis this helps me to stay balanced in the chair. This is the most comfortable thing I have sat on!
    I also have a J3 Mid Thoracic Back Rest (13" tall) that shapes to the specific curve of my lower back (this would help to support your lordosis). The J3 back comes with foam inserts that allow you to position them over asymmetries such as scoliosis and lordosis to keep all areas supported. I will also attach a picture of the back rest.
    I just received my new chair 1 week ago and it is the most comfortable ride I could imagine.
    I hope you are able to find just the right cushion and wheelchair for your needs!
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      hy kiran, im a big supracor guy. they are light, comfy, easily washed and above all let your skin get air,. being honeycomb the keep air circulating and keep moisture away from your skin,.
      i would think being a woman and the fact you guys sit on your "sensitive" areas the air flow would be very beneficial to not only butt skin but that area as well.

      i say classic or classic xs rep
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        Curvy, how does the J3 curve to your back...what material is used in it?

        My back curves in a bit, xrays seem ok but I can see it and it's straining/sore. I think it's because I sit too far back in my cushion/upright. I have a Jetstream Pro back that is just foam. We tried to put extra lumbar support pads horizontally where that curves in so I have more support but it hurt almost worse feeling as though it was making my spine push forward more.

        Kiran what does the drs tell you to do for it again. What do they mean by aggressive seating, I'm guessing a PT that specializes in a seating clinic would be of most help. What are pelvic tilts? Sometimes I think I should stand more or lie on my stomache to get those hips stretched but both are uncomfortable for me.
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          I'm thinkin it's more the right back you'll be need since a lordosis is a rotational curve of the spine as far as I remember. Maybe try the Ride Corbac? Jay 3 might be a good option too since it has lot of options to allow you customise it.