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Insurance vs equipment vs dr

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  • Insurance vs equipment vs dr

    I am a T12 incomplete. 1 1/2 years post. 49 years old.

    I have used standing frame and Urgys system at a Center I have gone to, but just don't have time to get to any longer. I want to see if my insurance will pay for a standing frame. Ideally one of the Evolv Glider, assuming I can use it. I still need to try it out. If not, a regular standing frame will work. I have got to start burning some calories! I also want to eventually get a Nustep, but I don't think insurance will cover it.

    I also would like to get a home electrical stim system. My dr doesn't have a clue what I'm really talking about. Enough to prescribe it I guess.

    My problem is I just went to my primary care dr and he said "I'll sign anything, you write it".

    Does anyone have the medical expertise to help me out with this?

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    If you order the equipment through a DME, they can help you with the medical justification letter, and an outline for the DR to write the perscription from. The equipment manufactures themselves can also be helpful. A call to your insurance company will let you know what they are going to require, so you don't go through a lot of effort up front, only to be disappointed later.

    Good Luck...



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      This is Jackie from EasyStand... Just wanted to let you know that we have many resources to help you with funding for a stander on It all comes down to your DR/PT writing a letter of medical necessity stating why YOU specifically need to be standing. An appeal can be necessary but just part of the process. Good Luck, and let me know if I can help at all. Jackie