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TiLite Aero Z Being Delivered TODAY!!!

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    Forget the advice, didn't notice that most of this thread was last year. How did you make out?
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      Obviously by now I received the replacement frame. The DME ordered the frame the way we had discussed, and it came in as spec'd this time. This was my first custom chair, and it is still too big for me, but live and learn. There were some things that I wanted to change that the DME provider said I couldn't do because of my height, but now I know that I could have done it had I been persistent. My chair is 18" wide x 19" deep. I would change that to 17" wide x 17-18" deep (probably 17x17). The depth of the chair now hits the back of my legs when sitting. The cushion the DME ordered was 18"x20", so I swapped to an 18x18 cushion that works better. I need to find a way to fix the upholstery so that I don't have the extra length in the meantime.
      My FSH is 21" and rear is 17.5". I would go down to 19.5"FSH and 16.6RSH to make getting under desks and tables easier, and overall have less frame to squeeze through the drivers area when transferring into the car. There is A LOT of extra frame width in the front of my legs. I would want to taper the seat in front, and start the taper on the downtubes so that the frame was snug on my legs, and almost disappearing with my legs. It drives me nuts that my feet constantly slip from one side to the other because there is so much extra room. Also, I like to sit with my feet tucked back, so I could go with the 90* front end and be perfectly comfortable. I am in the process of getting a tennis wheelchair (I got a grant through the Challenged Athletes Foundation) and my tennis chair has measurements of 16"x17", 20"FSH, 17"RSH (adjusted to 19"FSH, 16"RSH) and a back height of 13". The tennis chair fits me much better than the everyday chair, and is more comfortable for short term use. I think if I were to have my J3 solid back on the chair, and my Stimulite ClassicXS the settings on the tennis chair would be almost perfect for everyday use (of course would not want as much camber or COG as far forward for everyday use, LOL).
      Sorry if that was confusing. My point is, I got what was ordered, but now that I have been using the chair for a while there are things that I will change for my next chair, including seat width and depth, front and rear seat height, and the amount of taper on the seat and downtubes.

      ETA: I was able to keep the incorrect frame till my replacement frame came in. Once the replacement came in from TiLite I went to National Seating and Mobility and they swapped out all the parts to the new frame.
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      TiLite Aero Z!!!


        sweet, can you post new pics? I'm getting fitted for a new AeroZ in a week, wonder how that will go...
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