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why is my caster spacer rotating?

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    why is my caster spacer rotating?

    okay. yesterday one of the screws at the side of the caster axel came off and i went around clueless for the whole day. i found the screw, plus washer, on my kitchen floor (incredibly lucky!). so i got someone to reinstall, but i suspect that the threads inside had stripped a bit - we couldnt get it tight enough so as not to fall out, whilst being loose enough for the wheel to rotate. so anyway, last night it was rolling okay, but making a very loud squeaking. it sounded like i had an angry mouse sitting on my caster fork. i managed to see that the offending screw was now rotating (or the axel?) as was the spacer on that side, causing the sound as it rubbed against the fork.

    so today after class i sat on my bed while someone went to a wheelchair place with my wheel and axel parts, and bought a replacement. its a bolt of the right length with a fixed nut at one end, and a locking nut at the other. it works fine in that the wheel is free to rotate, but im not in danger of losing my axel. but im still in the angry mouse situation. ive had a look, and from what i can see the spacer is still rotating as i move.

    does anyone know why this is happening, and what i can do to fix it? my stealth capabilities are gone...

    i have frogs legs with 4 x 1.5 soft rolls

    Sounds like corrosion on the inside surface of the spacer. A little WD-40 combined with a very fine grit sandpaper or Scotch Brite pad should solve the problem.


      scotchbrite to spacer inside and out, the lite silicone grease or light 3in1 oil. Wd 40 eventually turns into sticky mess that attracts hair and dustndirt. This is why hunters only use wd 40 to displace water on the outside of guns just to displace the water. then clean and oil later


        Sounds like your bearings have seized. Your axle bolt should bind against the caster fork, the spacers, the inner races of the bearings, and the spacer between the bearings (which you can't see). None of these parts should rotate when the axle bolt is tightened. If the bearing(s) is/are seized, they will cause the other parts to rotate with the wheel or, as when you tightened the axle bolt, stop the wheel from rotating. Remove the wheel and check to see that the inner races of the bearings are free to spin. If they don't spin, you should replace the bearings.

        I haven't had to replace my caster bearings yet, but several people have reported they are typically the same size as used in skateboard and rollerblade wheels.
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