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My new bathtub

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    My new bathtub

    I am stoked.

    I got a new "slide in" tub, haven't even used it yet. My buddy just got finished with the install this evening. It's a little late, and I have more than a bit of a buzz, so tomorrow it is.

    I've been using a tub-bench for 5 years and with my ballistic spasms and spasticity lately, it has been hard and a bit hazardous using it. Plus, I'm just tired of a shower being "work" rather than enjoyable.

    So, I bought one and had it drop shipped to me and had a friend do the install. There was an old jacuzzi tub that I was replacing so had room to put it in, got air massage in the new tub. My buddy built out a shelf behind it and tiled the whole area.

    I'm just gonna post a couple pics and fill in tomorrow after I have luxuriated in it.

    Here is the before:

    Here is his tile work, he's good.

    New setup, tub closed:

    Tub open:

    Review tomorrow....

    e.t.a. tub is *very* white, pics are misleading...
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    Oh man! That looks great! I know you can't wait to try it!


      Very nice.

      Sooo... the tv has a short cord, right? So if it falls?


        <---- completely jealous here! Looks great!
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          the price???????? very nice GOD IS GOOD!
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            That looks fabulous, and so much easier and more secure than a shower bench. Enjoy!


              wowie, i need me one of those. congrats & enjoy!
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                Great McDuff. The tub manufacturer, a web link? Tnx upfront.


                  Oh how I'd love to have a bathtub I could get into on my own. You'll have to let us know how it works out for ya? How is that for transferring? is it level with ur chair?
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                    Thanks folks, I'm laying in bed already "dreaming" of the morning. It better be as good as I hope.

                    Northquad - hah, my buddy said this morning, " I had a bad thought..." and proceeded to give me the lowdown, "tv+water...". If you look at the "tile" photo, in the very top right, you can see a hole in the wall where the wires are going to go into the closet. I might put a "clamp" on the power cord on that side so if worst was to happen, cord would pull out of tv(it is detachable).

                    Papito - my friend is GOOD, but is his name isn't GOD. I'll get into price tomorrow, but think big $$$.

                    Leif - After a lot of research, only found two manufacturers with "slide ins", a lot of "walk in" makers. Mine is made in Tennessee, by Rane. The other one is carried by Seabridge, , but I believe it is manufactured in Europe, not sure where. I chose mine because I wanted a righthand door and I like the control area better.

                    Gurly - I haven't transferred into it yet. There are leveling legs on it and rolling next to it, after my buddy leveled it, it looks to be an almost perfect level transfer. I'll know in the a.m.
                    "a T10, who'd Rather be ridin'; than rollin'"


                      Nice rig! Enjoy

                      In my early SCI years I had an accessible apartment and tub which I would transfer into and fill w/ warm water each morning. I have a roll-in shower now but looking back I think the water soak was a real plus in relaxing legs / muscles and greatly reducing spasms.


                        Chesbay - yeah, I would love to see some relief in tone and spaz. I thought of just doing a roll-in there, you can see I was 1/2 way there anyway. But I thought a roll-in wouldn't give me much more enjoyment than the old bench, so what the hell. Plus there is already a shower to the right that my wife uses, we didn't need two. With the handheld unit, I can still shower my head just like before.
                        "a T10, who'd Rather be ridin'; than rollin'"



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                            Originally posted by gurly2356 View Post
                            Oh how I'd love to have a bathtub I could get into on my own. You'll have to let us know how it works out for ya? How is that for transferring? is it level with ur chair?
                            You can purchase a lift from Sunrise Medical that allows you to transfer from chair to bath seat then lower into tub. It's water powered. A company in Canada named Clark makes one also. Replaced my old Sunrise lift with Clark lift in '05. Cost less than $600.


                              I found my tub wasn't deep enough to feel really submerged with one of those seats.
                              I love the new bathtub!!!
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