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TiLite ZR online for sale, good deal or no?

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    TiLite ZR online for sale, good deal or no?

    I currently ride an Invacare Pro-T aluminum chair that I have had for 8 years, it is old, heavy and I hate it.

    I have always wanted a TiLite ZRA but Medicare won't pay for it. I found one online for auction and the bid is $150.00. I am bidding on it but have some questions.

    1) the back is high back with push handles, I want a clam shell back, can this be switched out?

    2) It has spinergy rim's, can they be cleaned up since they show lots of scratches on the black push areas.

    What do you think? And please don't outbid me, lol, this is the best and only chance I can get my dream chair.

    it will prob go over at least 800. post a pic, then i'll let u know rep
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      I can't imagine it going over $800. I imagine the problems on the chair can be fixed, but just to make sure, you should ask the seller. He should be able to tell you what you need to know. Also, some advice... is it alright if I PM you, Daveinphoenix?
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        Goodluck with this chair, I hope you get it. Just one tip
        Make sure all the other specs suit you- seat angle, front angle,footplate width etc. You dont want to end up owning the chair and finding out it doesnt suit you.

        Perhaps ask for the specs and then see if you can demo the chair or one like it.
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          Well, with just over 24 hours to go, it's at $200.00 I will wait until the last minute and then bid up to 250, that's as high as I can go.

          Lamb, sure, PM me