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Bigger Tires on Caravan

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  • Bigger Tires on Caravan

    Has anybody put Bigger Tires on the Caravan? I want to go taller and a little bit wider.

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    Keep in mind that this will make your ramp steeper too if you have a ramp van, and you may have to get the kneeling adjusted if you have that feature too.

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      I put different size wheels/tires on mine, but I kept the diameter real close to the same.

      The new ones are a touch wider, I don't have the numbers handy. One problem, the inside fender wells "taper" a bit towards the top. One time when I was fully loaded, the tires were rubbing on the inside edge. Had to offload some stuff.

      KLD's info is right. I have turned my kneel feature off, and at times forgot to turn it back on, much more of a bear getting up that ramp. So taller tires would add to ramp incline. Might also interfere with kneeling feature as the well could hit the tire when going down.
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