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Cracked frame on my Ti-Lite

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    Originally posted by pfcs49 View Post
    When I was in process ordering a new chair through medicare, I waved cash in the vendor's face repeatedly with no success.
    I wanted to order a titanium frame like my ~2000 that is still my favorite. I have enough parts that besides a new frame, I would only need a few extras like brakes and camber tube mountings, etc.

    Unbelievably, they didn't give a shit or even have a conversation about it!
    I'd still love to get another chair chassis-I have almost all the other parts I need to put together a fine chair.
    I suppose that if the TR-c was warrantied, it would have some value.
    I'm a practical person. Is there any way to do this?
    You can order a frame only, though probably not a c.2000 TR-c.


      I don't want another TR-C. Among other things, the ZX-1 won't work with it, it's tires are where the lower TR-c tube is!

      I'm not clear what model today, if any, resembles my favorite chair, but here are the pertinent pictures.
      The caster carriers are minimal, unlike the Aero Z (aluminum) Medicare got me. These sparse castor brackets don't scratch stuff up and generally allow me to get closer to things (like the rocker panel of my car!)

      And the camber tube mounts are welded to the frame but have a few positions to adjust COG

      If I could replicate the chair in the photos, (I believe, SN# 22005, but the numbers wore off the tag years ago!) I'd be a very happy man!
      If I need to take this off-line, PM me and we'll go from there.

      If it was easy to get the TRc warrantied and/or create value through it, it's still hanging from my shop

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