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  • Rollator type walker advice

    Someone I know has a son with a condition that has caused loss of function in his legs and he is now looking at using a walker. He is in school and needs it to help carry his books etc. while getting around, needs to be foldable to fit in his car and hopefully doesn't look too granny-like. Does anyone have any recommendations from their experience?


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    Hey Jeff, I use a walker similar to this one:

    It works fine for me - I use it when I go shopping, etc. Of course, it does look granny like. If he could use one without wheels it would be a lot smaller and fold up easier. I need the wheels . . . I rely on it totally for balance and find it hard to lift and move one without wheels. Mike
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      You can see a pretty good selection here. The type may vary depending on the person's specific gait and needs for braking by weight bearing or hand controlled brake:

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        For carrying books, this Drive 3 wheel has a lot of storage options (basket, pouch and tray)-- Also, since its a 3-wheeler it can navigate school halls easier.

        There's also the Stander Metro Walker which has a unique look so hopefully less "granny" like. And it folds up real small


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          Before a wheelchair, I used and loved the Active Walker.
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