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Should I buy this used Kuschall?

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    Should I buy this used Kuschall?

    I found a used 2007 Kuschall that is the perfect size for me. It has all of the available upgrades and is a very fine chair in perfect condition. There are a few things I want to change about it though.

    I want to purchase spinergys and marathon tires for it. I want to change the camber from 0 to 3 degrees. Does anyone know how much this will add to the cost of the total I will need to spend?

    The used chair is less than 1/3 the cost of a new one with all of the upgrades that ths chair has, so I can afford to buy the extras for it that I want.

    Should I buy it? Opinions are welcome.

    Anything worth doing, is worth doing to excess

    I have had my kuschall k4 since has been a great chair,i have not had to do a thing to next one will be a kuschall as well.


      you get spin spox here for $460 + marathons for $55. i would recommend the spin LX, for $560. kuschall parts can be ordered here, i believe. prices are not available onine so you may just have to call them.

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        I bought it.

        I couldn't pass on the deal and I bought the chair. I know Kuschall makes a good product.

        Thanks for the links and comments. Now all I have to do is wait for the UPS man.

        Scott a Bike On comes through again. Great guy. Couldn't have been an easier transaction.
        Anything worth doing, is worth doing to excess